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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Miniature Photography Editing Stand Out
Posted by Zara Jones | 10 January 2019

Miniature photography is an art in itself. Tilt–shift photography is one also one of the techniques associated with the miniature faking photography. As there is huge advancement in the field...

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maternity photography editing tips
Posted by Zara Jones | 27 December 2018

Maternity is a period of different emotions. Capturing these emotions into pictures is a huge task that is enjoyed by both the Mom to be and the photographer. There are...

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street photography editing tips
Posted by Zara Jones | 29 November 2018

There’s a lot more to street photography, which is gaining popularity, than the camera angle and lighting. Street photography tells a lot of stories from different angles which keeps the...

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Top 10 Facts about Image Masking Techniques in Photoshop
Posted by Zara Jones | 08 November 2018

Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the most popular image editing software used by image specialists across the globe. It offers a wide range of tools and techniques to edit images...

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Posted by Zara Jones | 04 October 2018

Wedding photography is not only a lucrative business opportunity but also a responsibility. Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime big event for most of the people and they prepare extensively to make...

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newborn baby photography editing
Posted by Zara Jones | 02 October 2018

Newborns are a delight to watch! But taking their photographs can be quite challenging. The photographer has to be experienced dealing with newborns, be quick and be professional arranging the...

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product photography retouching
Posted by Zara Jones | 20 September 2018

The ecommerce sector depends heavily on product catalogues with good content and attractive images. Unlike the conventional brick and mortar stores, the catalogue, content and images are the face of...

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step by step guide to remove background
Posted by Zara Jones | 30 August 2018

Photoshop offers many useful tools to edit images. Editing the background image or removing it is one of the common requirements. Background removal is required for many ecommerce businesses, wedding...

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Photoshop tools everyone must know
Posted by Zara Jones | 08 August 2018

Photoshop is essential the be all and do all for image editing. It is a powerful tool that offers many vital image-editing options which is why, Photoshop is used by...

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real estate photo editing
Posted by Zara Jones | 26 July 2018

Real estate businesses rely heavily on investments made by foreign residents on their native soil. More than often, their clients decide upon their real estate investments after checking the details...

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