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Photo Color Correction

If you want your images to portray a consistent and stylish/classy look, it is advisable to go for the photo color correction concept. Photographs capture the perfect moments but at times, the shots lag the perfect outlook. It can be caused due to multiple external factors. A well-organized color focused image can help to convey the message in an efficient and successful way.

Photographers utilize the concept of color correction to remove the boundaries of an image or to enhance the picture quality. Photographers often encounter the basic issue of color correction, as it constitutes a substantial portion of the photo editing process. Amidst all the latest image editing technologies, the concept of color grading too has gained a wide prominence.

Do you have a set of images which require some sort of color edit? We at FotoValley will offer you with the unique, speedy, and affordable color correction service. We have a team of professional editors who possess perfect color correction or color management skills. They will offer your images with a glowing and polished final look.

Our Color Correction Services includes :

Color CoorectionColor Coorection 
Color CoorectionColor Coorection
  • Blending – We ensure that all the colors all blend together to give a realistic and natural outlook to the image. Our image editors will help reduce the occurrence of defects that may arise from the automated workflow process. We blend the various photographs at different exposures in order to ensure that the images do not carry rough corners.
  • Color Grading – Our team is well-versed with the concept of color grading. The process helps to make an image look more appealing and it also grabs the attention of users within a matter of seconds. It involves the making of certain modifications to hue and saturation level of an image and also enhancing the overall tone of the image.
  • Ghosting correction – We ensure to utilize the latest tools and techniques to give a sharp touch to all the images, including the poor and blurred ones.
  • Sharpening and Contrast Correction – Apart from bringing out the real beauty, we also adjust and sharpen the contrast to match the setting of the photo. Colors can arouse the human emotions and you can successfully connect with the audience with the help of perfect images.
  • Adjusting exposure –It is carried out to increase or decrease the exposure on purpose from the normal comparative value. It can give a darker or lighter tone to your images, depending upon your interest and requirement.

We offer the color correction services to various industries such as fashion and textile, printing and publishing, print media, e-commerce, product and food, and color replacement. We will help you with adjusting the color tones, removing the red-eye effect, and the addition of highlights and shadows. Our top priority will be to balance the colors of your image, in order to give a stunning and appealing look.

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