Photo color correction

Photo Color Correction Services

Color correction is a process of changing or modifying the colors that are present in an image. It also refers to the technique of enhancing the color of a still image, motion image either electronically or digitally.

Images hold a great significance in the field of real estate. One of the initial stages of retouching is the color correction. A perfect image color correction will help you to gain a consistent and steady look and style in the workflow of professional photography. It is an essential step which is required before the images are printed.

Photo Color CorrectionPhoto Color Correction

Photographs capture the best moments of our life and it is essential to maintain the image perfectly, so as to re-live the experience. At times, the shots won’t meet your expectations due to various external factors such as poor lighting or improper handling of the camera.

FotoValley is a pioneer in offering a stunning photo color correction service to all the esteemed clients, no matter which part of the world they belong to. Our service will assist you in adjusting the color tone, removing the red eye effect, and the addition of highlights.

We consider the properties of your image from various exposures. Our valued clients belong to stock agencies, portrait studios, catalog companies, printing studios, retailers, publication companies, real estate, and logo designing firms.

To achieve an ideal color correction, our editors will review and adjust the following elements:

  • White balance
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Exposure
  • Sharpness
  • Black points
  • White points

While carrying out the process of color correction, our primary aim is to ensure the color consistency of the main subject throughout the entire image. We have a team of skilled editors who have an in-depth knowledge of the contemporary software and well-updated with the happenings of the industry.

Our major color correction services include:

  • Blending services
  • Ghosting correction
  • Sharpening and Contrast correction

We also offer services such as the addition of hues, image bracketing, re-colorization of black and white photos, adjusting the white balance, giving a glossy finish, image stitching, and much more services related to photo color correction.

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