Case Study 03-Image Editing for an Ecommerce Store

We have employed a highly dedicated team of photo editors who ensure a perfect technique of enhancing the images and bringing out the image at its best.

Introducing the Client

Our client is an online store owner and is based in the United Kingdom. The store deals with the furniture, and kitchen based items, which are produced by a leading manufacturer, based in London.

Our Client Requirements

Before assigning us the final task, there were certain requirements mentioned by our client which were strictly followed by us.

  • Developing elegant images so as to maintain the brand value
  • Developing appealing and pleasing product images
  • The images of the products should represent the actual products
  • Giving a 3D feel to the furniture and kitchen products
  • Offering a greater importance to the consistency of lighting

Challenges Faced by Us While Working On the Project

  • Each product belongs to an uneven quality
  • Dealing the issues with correction in color and contrast
  • There was a bulk of product images which required perfect editing in a short time
  • Faced an issue of light on all the product images
  • There was a difficulty in creating the shadow effects
  • It was a challenging task to extract the product image from the background



Solutions Offered by Us

  • Initially, we separated the images and categorized them into two heads – Furniture and Kitchen items
  • We made a team of photo editors who undertook the complete responsibility with 100% confidence.
  • One team was made in charge of the furniture and the other team was made in charge of the kitchen items
  • Both the teams comprised of the skilled and professional editors who utilized the Photoshop tools to its best
  • The team made a significant correction of the lights in every image
  • Both the teams utilized the shadow/highlight option available in Photoshop to the maximum
  • Corrected the color and contrast of every product image
  • Creating the shadow effects
  • Complete utilization of the Lasso tool for extracting the image from the background


Our team was successful in bringing out the images in a most perfect way. The client was highly satisfied with the 20000 images edited by our team.

We believe in letting your image speak and convey the necessary views, ideas, or opinions.