Image Stitching

Image stitching is a process of combining various photographs with the overlapping fields of view, in order to produce a high-definition image. It is highly beneficial while dealing with the real estate properties. If you want to sell the properties without any hassle, the photographers and the real estate agents need to create a high quality oriented image of the interior and exterior of the concerned property.

The concept of image stitching is a time consuming and challenging process. FotoValley offers the innovative and well-constructed image stitching services to all our valued customers at an affordable rate.

We offer our image stitching services to various industries or verticals such as publishing houses, real estate firms, portrait studios, online e-commerce, online automobile stores, and much more.

Image Stitching ServicesImage Stitching Services

Our image stitching services are:

  • Effectively managing the input files
  • Creating a single panoramic image or a photograph
  • Adding the effects or improving the image quality
  • Integrating the files with the stitching and image editing software

We have a team of excellent editors who possess an in-depth knowledge of the contemporary editing software and tools and are highly capable of delivering an excellent output and handling any challenging projects. We ensure to deliver a flawless service within the time specified, at the onset of the project.

The process of image stitching services at FotoValley:

  • Planning – Initially, we will send a sample work, which will showcase all our abilities and skills concerned with the image stitching services. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, you can directly hand over your final project.
  • Sequencing – Once we undertake the project, we will sequence the input images and use the knowledge of our experts to produce the final result.
  • Stitching – Under this process, we utilize the PTGui software to merge the images and also ensures that they don’t overlap each other. We possess the software that follows the industry standards.
  • Manual enhancement – We make constant improvements to the image by providing color correction, lighting correction, blur correction, and much more.
  • Final Quality Assurance – We have a QA team who will look after the image quality and make sure that the result is absolutely flawless. In case, if we rectify any error, we will take the necessary steps to fix the issue.
  • Delivery – Once the entire task is approved, we prepare the output for final delivery. We will send back the images in formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or any file type as prescribed by our client.

You can approach us anytime to experience our image stitching service at a reasonable rate. Contact us at [email protected]

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