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Most of the times, an image needs to undergo a process of editing series, to generate a brighter and stunning perfection. An eye-catchy image can attract a large number of potential customers to taste and experience the uniqueness of your business.

Adobe Photoshop is a creative and excellent image editing tool which can transform your images and add a spark to make the real difference.

Adobe Lightroom is an inclusive photo editing tool which has the ability to provide matchless editing services and incomparable results at an affordable rate. It offers a unique set of features for the process of editing the images. Usually, people who approach for the Photoshop and Lightroom services are the ones who face a major challenge with getting the right color contrast and tone adjustment in an image.

FotoValley is a forerunner in providing the best outsourced Photoshop Editing Services and Lightroom services to all the globally recognized clients at a reasonable rate. We target those customers who want to invest their maximum time in clicking shots rather than spending their valuable time with editing and steps involved in post-shooting.

We possess a team of experienced and dedicated editors who have a wide and in-depth knowledge of the latest editing techniques and style to carry out the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom services.

Our Adobe Photoshop Editing Services includes:

  • Body reshaping
  • Digital artistry
  • Bringing colors to life via extensive coloration improvements
  • Changing the mood of the image
  • Perspective correction and Photo merging
  • Applying cosmetic changes to the portraits
  • Foundation tasks such as cropping, red-eye correction, and much more
  • Simple and complex photo retouching and editing services
  • Obtaining the details out of the underexposed images
  • Image path clipping
  • Creation of required image illusion

photoshop editing services

Our Lightroom Editing Services includes:

  • Image enhancement services
  • Noise reduction services
  • Sky change services
  • Color Change services
  • Skin retouching services
  • Split toning services
  • Brush effects


Apart from being skilled with using Adobe Photoshop CS6, our editors also have a great knowledge in using tools such as LightMachine, ColorWasher, and PTLens.

If you want to approach us with your Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom service requirements, you can drop us a mail at [email protected]

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