FotoValley has emerged to be a renowned outsourcing service provider for all your photo editing needs. Though our services revolve around the ‘Image Editing’ concept, we cater to the requirements of varied industries.

As previously discussed, we have a team of specialized and professional image editors, who have a large number of working experience in the industry. We provide you with the best quality-enriched images, thus, helping you to meet your industrial standards.

Online Stores

A perfect and appealing image is highly important for every online/e-commerce store. We offer the images with 100% aesthetic appeal and thus, help you to stay ahead of your customers. We believe in our ability to bring a large traffic to your website with our various services such as image clipping, background image removal, image resizing, and much more. Our team has the capability of turning your customers into buyers with flawless images. The major verticals under the online stores we serve consists of automobile spare, sports accessories, and electronic goods.

Automobile Spare:

  • Our team will help you to increase the sales of your automobile spares by developing unique images.
  • We remove the dull and distracting backgrounds to make the image look appealing.
  • Other major services involved in automobile spares include image clipping, enhancing the images, and equally resizing the spare parts.

Sports Accessories:

  • Creating trendy and fashionable images of your sports accessories
  • We help to remove the distracting background from your sports accessories images, so as to reduce the risk of creating an awful impression.
  • Resizing and digitally enhancing the sports goods to appeal your customers.

Electronic Goods:

If you are into selling the electronic goods online, this is the best place for you to get your hands on the innovative and meaningful images.

  • Transforming your product into elegant one by appropriate resizing, cropping, and enhancement of the images.


Today online shopping has become a common trend within our society. If your online clothing store requires neatly displayed images of clothes on your website, we are here to assist you. Our team is highly specialized with the ghost mannequin editing, collar retouching, cropping of the unwanted portions of your image, enhancing the image background and replacing it with a non-distracting plain/white background.

Real Estate

The number of real estate customers are increasing on a daily basis. By creating an impressing and exquisite 360-degree virtual tour, we will help your customers to buy a property without giving a second thought. Our editors will take the effort of stitching the images into a great panorama of various services such as: removing the color cast, changing the sky, image blending and stitching, and perspective correction.

Portrait and Printing Studios

If you are a portrait or a studio owner, we will assist you with taking care of the thousands of portraits and enhance it in a short time. Our editors will help you to bring out the best from your portrait. We increase the overall enticing look of your portrait with the help of color cast removal, changing the background, removing the blemishes, image cropping, and density correction.

Publishing Firms

If you are facing a decline in your publishing business, it can be due to the creation of awful or unimpressive images. Your overall work should be equally balanced between the excellent content and extraordinary images. A flawless image can impress the readers of a book, magazine, or a newspaper. Our major role would be to boost the sales of your business by developing exciting and meaningful images for your books, e-magazine, periodical, etc.


Advertising industry gains a huge revenue and profit with the help of displaying the perfect and tempting images. The promotional images are supposed to be clarity and quality-enriched, so as to persuade the customers to buy the product. From furniture/product images to wedding or mannequin images, we enhance it all. Our editors have the ability to change the background in the promotional images and crop the photos from the old backdrop. Our other specializations include:

  • Improving the saturation levels, shadows, and highlights in the promotional images
  • Addition and removal of watermarks, labels, or unnecessary spots from the brand images


With the expansion of technology, the education sector too has gained the benefits from the digitization such as the evolution of e-learning (online learning). To attract various institutes or students to your e-learning platform, it’s essential to have attractive images and small videos (tutorials) displayed on your website. We assist in correcting the hue and saturation level in the infographics and remove the unwanted watermarks.