Case Study 02-Product Image Editing

At FotoValley, our trained and expert editors offer the clients with the best and widely enhanced product image editing services at a low cost.

Introducing the Client

Our client runs an online lifestyle store which offers a wide variety of products such as clothes, jewelry, accessories, electronics, and beauty products. They have more than thousands of clients who visit their online portal every day.

They have been in the business for past two years, but have gained a wide popularity in the US. But, they faced a difficulty in creating extraordinary and message conveying images in-house. Hence, they approached us with their necessary requirements.

Our Client Requirements

  • Changing the background of an image
  • Resizing the images
  • Bringing out the details of the product precisely
  • Renaming the images as per the requirement
  • Shorter turnaround time (maximum one hour)


  • We made a team of the best graphic designers who possessed the capability of editing the maximum number of images on a daily basis.
  • The renaming requirement was conveyed to the editors, thus, they ensured a proper renaming of all files, without missing out any.
  • A quality check team was framed to check the final result for better analysis.
  • The images were resized without any fail of following the instructions.



The images were perfectly done, with the image background removed in a smooth way. The result was delivered before the mentioned time and hence, our client was completely satisfied with the final output.