Image Masking Service

In some instances, it becomes necessary to promptly remove blurred corners from the background of an image. Image masking can help you to rework on a particular section of an image, without hindering the perfect area of the image.

If you desire to eliminate or extract an object from an image, FotoValley is the perfect place to meet your needs. Understanding clients’ needs and expectations, we commit to delivering flawless results within the specified timeframe.

We possess a team of expert and professional editors who are well-experienced with handling various tools to carry out the masking process. We primarily utilize the elements of Adobe Photoshop, such as Lasso tool, Quick Selection, Pen Tool, Layer Mask, Alpha Channel Mask, and much more.

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Major Image Masking Service and techniques utilized at FotoValley are:

  • Alpha channel masking – The term “raster masking” is applied, especially for translucent and semi-translucent images, addressing difficulties in layer creation.
  • Translucent image masking – Typically employed to isolate translucent images from their background, it proves effective in removing unwanted pixels from your image.
  • Photoshop collage masking – A commonly used technique for removing backgrounds, it’s popularly applied to mask images in brochures and catalogs.
  • Advanced or complex layer masking – The technique in Adobe Photoshop CS6 is specifically designed for achieving 100% perfection in extracting fine objects from image backgrounds, especially for semi-transparent elements like hair and feathers.
  • Photoshop transparency masking – This tool is employed to eliminate transparent images from backgrounds, especially gradient transparencies, as seen in glass objects.

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