HDR blending

HDR Image Blending Services

HDR blending refers to the process of taking two or more images and placing them on top of each other and then, with the help of layer masks, revealing the parts of each image which have an apt exposure and is perfectly fitting that part of the scene.

Real estate has become a highly competitive sector and if you want to increase the profit in this field, you need to adopt the latest techniques and perfectly constructed images. A well captured and edited image can increase your sales and bring in a huge profit.

HDR Blending ServiceHDR Blending Service

FotoValley offers a highly recognized and innovative HDR blending services at a reasonable rate. We have an excellent experience in the HDR image blending service of the real estate properties, and thus, we will ensure to generate a high quality and dynamic range images. We will create images with excellent quality, brightness, and contrast.

Our HDR Image Blending Services include:

  • Photo Bracketing – We will assist in creating the right exposure photograph from various images of the same scene or object, with a variation in exposure, white balance, and flash values.
  • Color Balance – One of the most significant parts of photo editing is to put up with the right color. We help you to adjust the color balance in order to give neutral colors correctly and also in enhancing the richness of your blended image.
  • Perspective Correction – We create perfect images by correcting the columns and vertical edges of the structures and we also help to minimize the effects of the lens such as geometric distortion, and much more.

Usually, photographers capture multiple shots of a location, from various angles and blend them to deliver one overall image, which carries the essential elements of all the other images. Under the HDR technique, multiple exposures are combined to create one vibrant image.

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