Top 5 Wedding Photo Editing Tips to Be Considered for The Different Wedding Customs

Posted by Zara Jones | October 4, 2018 | Image Editing

Wedding photography is not only a lucrative business opportunity but also a responsibility. Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime big event for most of the people and they prepare extensively to make sure it is a gala celebration. The wedding photographer is expected to capture every moment to cherish and every guest who participates. For different communities and regions, different wedding customs are followed. The photographer should make sure that every single custom followed is well-captured. Often more than 2-3 photographers are employed to cover all the events and the guests without missing anything and finally, they start editing the videos and images using the help of image editing services providers. Here are the top 5 wedding photo editing tips to consider for different wedding customs:

Wedding Photo Editing Tips

Download The Images Within 24-Hours

When you are professionals dealing with many wedding photography projects, it is important to keep each set of wedding photos saved separately before you start editing them. Hence, the first step involved is to download and save the images on the hard disk within 24 hours of taking them. These can then be sorted out and assigned to the right editing professionals based on their expertise. Expert wedding photo editing service providers will do this promptly after each wedding work.

Segregate Based On the Customs

Seek help to understand the customs and the client’s priority for each wedding. Accordingly, you can group and sort the images custom-wise. This helps to recreate the flow of wedding through the photographs. Make sure you don’t miss the most important rituals. Adding some candid photographs in between may break the flow of the ritual. But don’t skip them altogether!


Check and Edit the Best Ones

Check all images and set aside the best ones for editing. With the help of image retouching services providers, you can get only the required images edited and retouched for contrast, clarity, color and background. This way, you can set aside the unwanted images and focus more on the best ones.

Sort Out in The Order of the Time Taken

Once you download the images on the hard disk, you need to sort them in the order of the time at which they were taken. This will give you an idea of the order in which the album can be set. Most of the devices will store images along with timestamp which helps in identifying the order in which they were clicked.

Create A Draft Digital Album

Finally, create a digital draft of the album and share it with the client. Let the client have the final say while you can offer suggestions based on your experience and expertise. Share all the images you have sorted and let the client choose the images he/she wants in the wedding album. A professional portrait retouching service provider will make sure that your wedding album looks personal, professional and special which you will cherish for decades together.

Outsourcing wedding photo editing is the best way to ensure quality images that need to be preserved over decades.

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