Common Mistakes in Product Photography and How Retouching Can Fix Them

Common Mistakes in Product Photography and How Retouching Can Fix Them

Product Photography editing

When it comes to product photography, nobody settles for the average! Basic and simple editing skills are not going to convert sales. Minor errors can ruin the overall looks and feel of your product presentation.

In this blog, we are going to cover some of the common mistakes of product photography and how product retouching solves the scenario.


Lighting is one of the key elements that bring the hidden quality behind every photograph. uneven lighting creates inconsistent brightness and focus across the subject, making it difficult for customers to see the details. In addition, poor positioning of lighting equipment for products can ruin the highlighted parts of the products.

Relying on a single light source diminishes the overall look of the product and they cause variations in color temperature and overall brightness. Furthermore, this makes the subject look less appealing and lacks the natural highlights that define its shape and texture.

By following proper lighting techniques, product photographers can unlock the true attributes of a subject.

Background Problems

A well-chosen background can bring significant changes to the overall looks of the image. Busy backgrounds filled with obstacles clutter or appealing colors can draw your attention away from the users. So, that’s a big no!

Background color matters! Make sure that you’re placing the product in the right place, distance, and angle. Moreover, multiple light sources and different backgrounds can cause variations in color temperature and overall look.

For example, using plain and solid backgrounds can bring in dynamic feels that are ideal to showcase individuals and action subjects effectively.

By understanding these common background problems, product photographers can maintain a consistent brand image that actually connects with the audience.

Composition Errors

A composed product photo can portray the features of the product and viewers’ attention effectively.

For example, a blurry image that lacks density can be a major turn-off for customers.

This happens due to the lack of using the right equipment and shutter speeds. In addition, manual focus on the wrong element simply misses the mark and results in a blurry product.

Furthermore, fixing product photo errors requires time to exclude crucial elements. Leaving negative space around the product can make it feel insignificant.

Showcase the product using its elements and glory. Improving product photo quality takes time to bring a visual balance that effectively showcases the product.

Staging and Presentation

Product presentation can go beyond the product features. Staging is all about arranging the product with the environment to create a visually pleasing image.

It’s important to define props regarding the size for comparison. For example, objects such as coins, rulers, or daily household items make it difficult for customers to guess the product’s actual dimensions.

Some products come with parts that have to be assembled. Make sure that you don’t forget any of the parts. So, not including them makes the audience confused or cluttered.

Most importantly, you should present the product in a way that highlights the hidden features and functionalities. Thus, following this is a key factor in enhancing product photos and taking them to the next level.

Other Mistakes

Failing to showcase your product variations can limit customer understanding creating confusion. Variations in lighting can make the product look different in many styles.

You should include close-up shots or descriptions of the product textures. Thus, buyers can get an idea about the quality and feel of the product.

Inaccurate product representations can lead to customer dissatisfaction and return. Fixing photo editing errors in mismatched colors and sizes leads to results or negative reviews. In addition, camera angles and editing are helpful in fixing product photo errors to a great extent.

How retouching product photography can fix these mistakes?


Lighting adjustments in photo retouching

Image retouching allows you to adjust highlights and shadows to give a natural look. Moreover, their advanced retouching tools help create a pleasing aesthetic in the overall images by adding more depth and dimension.

Inconsistency in lighting can be corrected through color correction tools and adjustments across multiple product photos effortlessly. Furthermore, retouching software and custom tools are widely used to adjust the color temperature to actually display the product, fine-tuning the white balance to display the true colors of the product.

Therefore, skilled retouching is an asset that is very helpful in enhancing product photos, adding subtle light sources for depth and texture enhancement.

Background cleanup skills

Photo editing for product images has to undergo a lot of background tools and techniques to remove unwanted objects and clutters. In addition, it’s easy to replace the background with specific environments to showcase the object in the needed context.

Image retouching experts allow brands to replace busy backgrounds with a solid and minimal theme. Clean and solid backgrounds are ideal for product presentation on social media platforms and targeted marketing channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Furthermore, they can adjust the background size and appearance to meet the expected demands, especially in the field of advertising.

Composition enhancement in product retouching

Composition adjustments usually deals with the overall adjustments that are needed to make the photograph look more appealing. This includes sharpening, cropping, adjusting, and presentation edits.

Retouching product photography enhances the sharpness of an image, ensuring a clear and detailed product image. Furthermore, white balance adjustments in retouching allow accurate product color representation without giving out an artificial look.

Skilled retouchers add subtle light sources to enhance texture to create an original feel to the product. Moreover, advanced retouching software allows fine-tuning to flag color casts and ensure that the product displays its true attributes.

Other techniques

There are plenty of techniques skilled editors use in retouching product photography. Thus, in advertising and social media campaigns, a lot of time should be prioritized for fixing product photo errors.

Skilled retouching can enhance minute details into more polished looks that draw the attention of users. Moreover, they can bring in a lot more sense of the actual object in terms of dimensions and weight.

By utilizing this kind of retouching technique, product photographers can eliminate minor visual imperfections that diminish the impact of your product.


Having a team of retouching product photography is a must need asset for your brand. Flawed photography can sink your sales and reputation, leaving an unprofessional presentation with our audience!

Impress your audience with Fotovalley’s personalized image retouching services that can transform your photographs into a well presented piece of art. Contact us via mail at [email protected]  and see the difference!

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