Pixelmator on iPhone; A Move that Will Revolutionize Image Editing

Posted by Zara Jones | December 23, 2021 | Image Editing
Pixelmator Photo's pro image editing app comes to the iPhone

Pixelmator, one of the most popular photo editors, has made its Pro image editing app available on iPhone along with a version for the Mac. It was previously available on iPads and has never been able to use outside of iPad and Mac. At the same time, the new update came as a victory for fans who requested an alternative iPhone version of the Pixelmator for years. They expect the new arrival will push the photo editing applications to the next level by availing high-quality image editing tools to personalized mobile devices. Here, it is essential to understand a few things about the iPhone version of Pixelmator and its major attractions in deep.

Attractions of Pixelmator as an Image Editing App

Pixelmator is an editing app that will provide photoshop-level image editing facilities. Now, it has been made available to the smaller screen that fits the pocket. Experts suggest that it is powerful enough to process several editing techniques at once and process several images at a time. So, experts suggest that it can be more convenient for complex workflow. We should go a little more specific and find out its other specifications and facilities.

  • It has 30 color adjustment options, which will support over 600 raw image formats.
  • They provide AI-driven editing tools for object removals and upscaling low-resolution shots.
  • It can provide copy-paste edits, split comparisons, views for comparing edited images, crop or straighten tools, and more updated techniques with fast processing.
  • In addition to the standard bars for adjusting exposure, highlighting techniques, and adjusting white balances and shadows, it has advanced tools like wheel-based color balance, adjustment of grains, and so on.
  • As an iPhone app, the integration facilities it provides will be better with images of Apple’s Photos and iCloud Photos.

To use the Pixelmator Photo app for iPhone, we will need iOS 14 or later. The app is available on the Apple App store as a free update for the existing Apple users of the iPad app.

How to Use it?

Pixelmator will provide high freedom for editing images and provide high quality in image editing. It can get used for every raw image format used with professional photography, and there are facilities to export them into standard formats at ease. Every edit we make with Pixelmator can get automatically saved and synced with iCloud. In addition, It avails us get the facilities of AI-driven image enhancement features that make a whole lot of processes at a single click. It is configured with almost twenty million photos to train the machine learning software in use. As we know, the ML tools will improve their efficiency in time, handling more data.

With ML and AI tools, we can also increase the resolution of images, remove noise, implement automation in technical works like cropping, resizing, and retouching. It reduces the time consumed in the editing process and makes it effective in any photo editing projects involved with bulk photo editing requirements. Also, it allows the edited version to sync with older versions automatically and preserves the newly edited version without any failure. A filmstrip style editor is also implemented in this, and it claims to make the process of opening images for editing is simpler than ever.

Cost Involved

The app will cost a special launch rate of 3.99 dollars for new buyers. It is part of a launch discount rate of 50%. After that, it will get charged 7.99 dollars in the U.S. Since it is a universal app, you can access it from wherever you are around the globe, and it can get used for both iPhones and iPads after purchase. For those who have already brought it for your iPad, you can use it in your iPhone too.

Wrapping Up

Image editing requirements are on a hike since the digital world demands to use of high-resolution images. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social platforms have become part of our daily lives, and all of their demands are to use quality enhanced images. For business, image editing has become an unavoidable requirement to make a better digital presence, only through which they can move forward and deal with the unlimited possibilities digital market.

In this scenario, the launch of Pixelmator creates huge anticipation among consumers and business entrepreneurs. If you are a business enthusiast who aims to meet image editing requirements in a more personalized manner, Pixelmator is the best way to meet your requirement.

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