Maternity Photography Editing Tips That Will Flatter the Mom-To-Be

Posted by Zara Jones | December 27, 2018 | Image Editing

Maternity is a period of different emotions. Capturing these emotions into pictures is a huge task that is enjoyed by both the Mom to be and the photographer. There are many things to be taken care of while doing a session of this kind of photography. First and foremost is the condition of the client and her requirements. Proper planning is a must thing. And remember, this short-term session of photography is the sweet memories for a life time. Let’s find the different tips that can help in maternity photography. With the help of a good image editing services provider, you can make sure that your session yields the most stunning photographs ever.

maternity photography editing tips


33 to 36 weeks of pregnancy is the best time to shoot the maternity session. But it must be consulted with the client beforehand as different clients have different health issues and circumstances. Plan according to the client after proper consultation

Include The Members of the Family

It’s a really good idea to include the husband and the older kids of the mom to be. It gives her the best moments and make her to feel better and relaxed, so that it gives the photographers to capture flattering pictures. After the shoot, these photos can be given to the image retouching services where it gets retouched in different ways. Modern techniques are now available in today’s industry where the photos can be edited, adjust the brightness, contrast, the exposure levels, vignette, diffusions sharpness, color conversion and lot more.

Abstract Shots

While taking pictures trying something different and new is always necessary. For example, the abstract shots can give the pictures a gorgeous look specifically in the maternity photography. The method of taking the eyes off from the belly and focusing on something else, but still conveying the story of intimacy.

Lenses and Camera Settings

The different lenses can handle a wide variety of angles lighting situations and compositions. There is a wide range of lenses available which can capture pictures in different looks. The sessions should be a wide and open style where the focus should be the mom to be and her cute little bump. After the shoot the photos can be handed over to the image editor where it gets much better photographs.

Choose The Apt Locations

The place where photos of the mom to be and the little bump is really important so that it can create wonderful memories along with that a refreshment and feel good attitude for the woman who is getting portraited which is really important

Different Poses

The poses of the lady who is pregnant makes the maternity photos look much better. Positioning of the arms and legs, sitting, standing, lying have a great impact on the variety look in the results. These images can then undergo skin retouching, where it gets the sculpted and softened. There is a huge advancement in this field where the wrinkles get hidden, lifting up the cheek bones and help in renovating the whole structure of skin and its texture.


It is important to provide good and quality service at a minimum rate which makes the client and the photographer in a good relationship that can give a better result. The quality of the pictures with the low rates will always win the hearts of the customer. As there are advanced techniques in the field of photography after the photo shoot, photos should be edited. Today, there are a number of professional portrait retouching service providers available which is a good option for the maternity photo editing.

maternity photography tips
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