How To Photograph Glass: 8 Tricks To Improve Your Glass Photography

Posted by Zara Jones | December 6, 2021 | Photography
How To Photograph Glass_ 8 Tricks To Improve Your Glass Photography

Glass is one of the most beautiful objects to deal with creatively. As the refracted light passing through a glassy object shows us the visuals we have not seen before, glass photography becomes more interesting and challenging. Also, it has aesthetic and business applications since product images can creatively present with the help of such techniques catching the attention of more viewers. But the more you need to make your images appealing, the more you need to invest your mind in it. Here we are, with some tricks to make your glass photography experience with the help of creative ideas and commercial retouching.

1- Decide On The Background Lights

As we have already said, light bends when passing through glass and gives a refracted image that catches our eyes. But the light source we provide to pass through is the most vital factor that creates magic with the camera. Also, the presence of reflections, like the reflection of the camera itself makes it more challenging. But we can use the reflections from the object more creatively if it gets dealt with care. Using a sufficient source of backlight will help you get rid of the unnecessary reflections and glow the object that we focus on. Removal of such reflections can also get done effortlessly with image editing services too. You can imagine the shining that a good background light can bring to a glass bottle of wine or a glass bowl of soft drink which makes it the best creative idea for capturing product images, especially of glass.

2- Choosing The Right Background For The Frame

The same object, the same type of image, but with a different background can create a different mood and meaning. Professionals’ focus on glass photography gives prime importance to set the background colors and background shade. If you are using a sheet of paper or cloth to create a background, it has to reflect light and should be wide enough to cover the entire background. We must note the shadows that get produced with the objects, reflections from the background, and so on. Putting a dark cloth like a Lenskirt on the camera lens will reduce the reflections since it can block the unnecessary reflected light from entering the lens. Commercial retouching can provide help for this too.

3-Fixing The Apt Focal Length

Using shorter focal lengths will include more spaces around the object into the camera that may be unnecessary to capture. Also, getting so near to the glass object is not very wise since it will give your own reflections in the image. In that sense, using a long focal length, like 105 mm, is apt for glass photography, but you can choose your favorite one. A lens with a long focal length can help you focus more on the object, and it benefits you in glass photography setting a shorter background for the shoot. Lenses with long focal lengths compress the space, and thus the camera sees less space behind the subject. For this reason, it is most preferred for taking product images.

4- Experiment With Side Lighting

In addition to the main light source and the background, you can use an additional light source or sidelight according to the type of glass object you focus on. The sidelights will help the image to reflect in multiple directions and hence it can create various shades. It will also help when there is a non-transparent object present in the frame. If we need to use the shade or reflection of that non-transparent object, a sidelight can be the most effective solution. It also pushes the possibilities of image editing services to a higher level by providing more depth to the entire image. You can set the focus on to manual mode and adjust the area where your light sources tell you to focus.

5- Capturing A Movement

Whether it is a product image or an artistic image, taking pictures of objects that are still can become a little boring and inactive. Adding some movement to the object like a water splash or an ice drop to the juice in the glass can make it more live. Set the shutter speed to the right values to capture the movement and take multiple shots since the motion may last only a few seconds. But be very careful in handling the objects as they can break with the movement, then the project is done. Product retouching services can provide various tools to make the movements more appealing by adding more effects.

7- Type Of Glass To Use

Transparency of the glass is another major component that we must take care of. Since all glass object does not react with light at the same ratio, selecting the right glass for the shoot, or set the camera considering the nature of the color, thickness, transparency, and size of the glass is important. The white transparent glass will give you a different impression compared to a less transparent wine bottle with a green shade. Even though image retouching services can help you enhance the shades and shadows to a great extent, selecting the right glass material is the primary thing you should take care of before getting ready for the first click. Selecting a thin glass material will allow you to explore more with the beauty of transparent glass, but it can vary according to the layout you set.

8- Set The Camera To Capture The Best

In addition to all these creative tips, you must consider some technical aspects too. Safety-proof your studio by making sure that your area is free of messy cables and cords, and choosing a large shooting table is also vital that most of us probably ignore. Clean the glass object and remove any dust, smudges, and fingerprints that may show up on your photos. Try to use a tripod to keep your shots consistent throughout. It will also help for capturing images with a low ISO. Don’t forget to adjust the white balance of your camera according to your lighting setup. Go slowly and systematically when changing any variables in your setup like the lighting position, exposure settings, shutter speed, and so on. 

Photography skills are not something that can get acquired from textbooks. It has to get learned through our experience. The eyes for seeing the hidden beauty within a simple object is the key to thrive with your artistic passion. We hope that these tips have made you curious about glass photography. But it is you that can make these creative tips practical. Then what are you waiting for? Take the camera and start setting your frame.

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