Style guides for photo retouching: How significant are they?

Style guides for photo retouching: How significant are they?

Unlock the secrets of flawless photo retouching with the power of style guides!


A style guide is a document that consists of important instructions that an image editing company used to follow. It is a much important thing for a company as it helps to make your brand sound among others. Also, it aids the employees to work in a cohesive manner when there are a lot of projects to implement.

So,  let us study some more factors that make a style guide significant for an image editing company that provides photo retouching services:

The Importance of Style Guides in Photo Retouching


  • Maintain consistency in work 

It is definitely a factor that helps the business to foster its growth. That is if you are maintaining a style guide for your photo retouching services, you will get details of instructions that you need to follow while involved in this. So this helps to maintain consistency throughout all the services that you provide.

There are many companies that provide photo retouching services, so in order to compete with them, it is very much important that you need to maintain consistency in your work.

Let us a take situation to analyse this factor:

A person approaches your company with a requirement to do photo retouching in his school days photograph. And you made the client happy by providing excellent service. But the next time when he approaches with another requirement you couldn’t provide him with a better service. So in that situation, you cannot take his trust in your business.

So if you are maintaining consistency you can retain your old customers and create new ones.

  • Know the boundary and the heart

These are other important factors that you realise if you are implementing a style guide for your photo retouching services. That is style guides provide you with various details regarding photo retouching in an organised manner. So if the details are available to you in an organised manner, it will be easier for you put them into your portrait.

An organised set of instructions has a great impact on your work. That means when a photographer approaches you with a requirement, your style guide can show you the methods and strategies you must employ to implement that. Moreover, if you need to make your work more attractive you have to go for some in-depth research. So in such situations, a good style guide will help you narrow down your research.

  • Save extra expenses 

If you have a style guide for your photo editing service it can help you to eliminate extra expenses.

For instance, when you have a proper style guide, you don’t need to spend your valuable time confusing what to do and how to do it. It will give you a clear understanding of where to initiate and what to begin with. Also, it will reduce the chance of alterations. And thus when you save your time you are additionally saving your money too.

Secondly, when new joiners come to your image editing company you always need to train them as per your company’s needs. And sometimes you need to hire trainees to provide them with good training. But if you have a proper style guide, you can use this to train your new joiners. Thus you can save the amount that you need to spend on a trainer.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is one of the pillars of every business entity. If you are following a style guide, there is only less chance that you couldn’t meet their expectations.

That is, a style guide will have all the necessary features and elements that retouching art should reflect on a photograph. With an excellent style guide, you will be able to provide good service to your customer, which in turn will boost customer satisfaction.

And thus when you can win the loyalty of a customer, there is a great chance for that person to refer your brand to his peers.

  • Interaction with clients

A Style guide acts as a medium of communication between a company and its client. As it will have all the details that will include in the retouching services the company provides, the client can refer to it and remark what all things they need.

Also, it will avoid the possible conflict that may arise between the customers and the company.

And if the communication becomes smoother, it will be very much easier for you to complete a project within a quick turnaround time.

Wrapping up

In short, these are the factors that make a style guide inevitable for an imaging editing company. So whenever you are creating a style guide, make sure you include the following things

  • It must contain such matters which make your company unique from others
  • It must be framed by discussing with all the employees in your company
  • It must be updated regularly

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