7 Tips for Pulling Off a Great Advertising Photography Shoot

Posted by Zara Jones | June 30, 2020 | Photography

The opportunity to get highly creative goes hand in hand with advertising photography. It’s quite straight forward when combined with your commercial photography retouching skills.

Throwing in some modern and attractive ideas in it usually plants people’s eyes, since the approach is unique. It’s all about how you can capture your audience’s attention using high-quality photos and exceptional fashion photography retouching skills.

Advertising Photography

If you can reflect this beautifully, it will greatly potentially increase the chance of customers looking at your advertisements. And that is sure to increase a company’s sales on the products they have creatively advertised.

So how do you make your ad shoot a hit? Let’s find out with the following advertising photography tips!

The Power of Intentional Imagery

It’s important to demonstrate the quality and features of the products in advertising photography. You should have a vision about the product’s photo that exhibits its purpose with creativity in the final photograph.

There should be a signature story in the product images. If it’s a portrait photograph the story should be about your subject. And for a landscape one, show your audience a particular presence of nature. So make sure you establish a different intention for each shoot.
The good thing about this is you won’t have to snap thousands of photos and will be able to focus on specific intentional imagery.

Angled Shots Are Good

Capturing anything’s look and feel in a photograph requires innovation. So it’s always important for commercial photographers to embrace and experiment shooting at unusual angles. The head-on shots are rarely used by them as new angles add greater depth and drama with increased interest to anything that is in focus.

So try to find a new perspective either from below or from the top. As shot from the bird’s-eye view will give your viewer limited observation as it’s a vantage point. A bug’s-eye view that is shot from down below focuses on the subject creating an interesting perspective.

High angle shots can incorporate the elements of the background strikingly. Low angles perfectly make products or persons appear imposing and with a more pronounced effect.

Got for tilted camera angle shots as well. It will give a unique and unusual look that generates an original composition.
So invest time and explore different angles for crafting your style that will boost your creative edge as well.

Invest Time

Ad photography and its post-process of commercial photography retouching require the investment of a lot of time and resources.

Right from the first creative brief to the finished product, there is a heavy investment of time for its entire timeline. Photographers do extensive prior research, build their knowledge, and/or experience before any shoot. Simply put, there is a lot of homework and preparation involved in it.

So take time, hone your skills, learn the craft, and get to know your camera and equipment. Before the shoot, brainstorm, conceive an action plan, and be expectant of the outcome at the location. You might not get the first shot right away, but set up and get you ahead in the game, and keep on experimenting until you find the right composition. And don’t rush!

You Gear does Matter

Generally, you don’t have to use your entire gear but in some way, it does matter. Go for a cam that suits your preferred shoot types with the right specs and this is the same for the lenses you require. Every photographer is different and, therefore everyone will have different gear. The only thing that matters is that your gear must work well for you.

Consider the weight you are comfortable in carrying, the comfortable intrusiveness of your setup, and the time you need to get everything set up.

A sturdy tripod will give you exceptional stability and prevents shot blurs, and a macro lens will help you approach products more intimately.

Being enthusiastic about your gear will help you shoot photos more professionally while eliminating the mechanics.

Composition is Key

Composition (arrangement) always matters in your photos especially the “rule of thirds”. This requires splitting of your photo with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, and you place the main image components at the points where the lines intersect. This technique undoubtedly pours more energy and curiosity among your viewers widening their perspective and getting in deep within the photograph.

And this is why some photos “engages” viewers intuitively and sensibly in ha flow because it might have incorporated the rule of thirds technique. It is also a way to achieve a well-balanced shot with increased attractiveness by prevents congestion in it.

Modern-day and advanced cameras can set up this technique in its screen with the necessary grid for the rule of thirds, making it easier and convenient for photographers.


The ability to handle lighting to set the appropriate mood for your shoot requires considerable time and patience to master. If you master the same you can bring a craftsman’s touch through illumination, or tell a story through the choices you made with lighting.

The first step – learn the exposure basics which is a combination of three principal variables (shutter speed, aperture, ISO). Once you learn it you can regulate the light amount that you want to reach your camera’s sensor.

A professional always use the best of the available natural light as possible. Use a flash only when required, and use an external one and bounce it off of a surface (wall or ceiling). This will brighten a larger area and produces a more compelling array of tones, rather than the flatness brought by the direct flash hit on your subject.

You can use a diffuser to stop the light’s harshness and jolting. This is done by using umbrellas and softboxes. Even backlights can produce unique and exciting effects to your photos and will help you with your fashion photography retouching process.

So keep on experimenting with the light factor in your ways and find your signature light technique!

Advertising Photography Tips

Craft Your Style

The above tips will help you with your advertising photography shoot. Experiment and practice these with the right scenarios and find a way to break out of the box as well.

The most viable strategy is to learn and copy the techniques of professionals for you to master the basics first. When you have mastered them, break away from it and craft your technique for your signature. And please don’t be lazy about learning new things.

So get inspired by yourself and your favourite professionals so that you know how to use your cam and craft to its full potential. And please don’t compare your work with others until you reach your peak photography potential.

So experiment, go through numerous trial and error and find out your craft and style for stamping your signature in your shoot and photos.

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