10 Cool Tips You’ll Love for Taking Great Candid Photographs

Posted by Zara Jones | February 14, 2019 | Photography

Candid photography is a great technique to capture interesting moments. This technique works for all the types of photography as it gives a lively and part of the moment touch to the photograph. Candid photography is any type of photograph which is real and in the moment. There is no posing or faking just genuine show of feelings. Candid photographers know how to look at a scene and use it to the fullest. Such photographs are taken at the spur of the moment. Though image editing services can work on the photos to give them a better look, there are some tips to help along the way in achieving it.

10 Cool Tips You will Love for Taking Great Candid Photographs

Camera Taken Everywhere

Spontaneous photographs can be taken when the photographer is always ready. Taking the camera everywhere is the only solution to do so. The photo could be taken just as the part of an interaction and would be more natural.

Use of Zoom Lens

The more distance you maintain from the subject the less likely they will know that they are being photographed. This results in a natural and relaxed look. To achieve this, long zoom or telephoto lens can be used. This will not invade their personal space but the feeling of intimacy in the shot can still be maintained.

Photograph People Doing Things

Images of people doing things are more interesting. The subject will be engrossed in work that puts in context and adds a story to it. This will give a feeling that the subject is unaware of his surroundings and doing his/her work as if unseen which makes it a perfect candid shot.

Mix- Up

If the person knows they are being photographed they might tense up as they see the camera is raised to the eye. Digital cameras should be set in such a way that a wider angle is chosen to cover the shot.

Shoot in RAW Format

If photos are to be post-processed an essential requirement in fashion photography retouching the photos need to be shot in RAW format instead of JPG format. RAW files contain way more image information than JPG files and give more editing flexibility.

Avoid Flash

The most known way of signaling a person that he/she is being photographed is by using the flash. Try to avoid flash if possible, for candid shots. In lower light, change the setting of lens and camera and the combination of such adjustments could give the desired results.

Burst Images

People are unpredictable and photographers get only one chance to take a candid shot. So, shooting in burst mode increases the chance of capturing a perfect shot. Portrait shots, though, require more processing as when a portrait is created it records every flaw, skin defect and imperfection in detail. Portrait retouching is required to fix such flaws.


Candid photos capture the spontaneity at the right time. If the photographer can think ahead and anticipate what is next, then it increases the chances of getting good shots. This would also help in wedding photo editing if the place is seen ahead of the function. Photographer can think how the ceremony would take place and where will the best place to stand and capture each moment.

Shoot Above the Hip

Shooting above the hip gives a better perspective to take a candid shot. Sometimes slightly blurred crooked gives another perspective as they look random. Apart from this other technique of zooming in close then quickly zooming out in a wider angle also gives such fresh looks.


Candid photos are prone to imperfections.  Post-processing is the final tip make photos of the next level with the perfect capture.

These tips can empower the photographer through the basic key lies in capturing the moments in a bold manner. Shooting should be done with a purpose and confidence by putting the above tips in practice and it will give the desired result.

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