Make Still Life Photography Interesting with these ideas

Posted by Fotovalley | February 1, 2020 | Photography

Good photographs can tell stories. Great ones can make history! That’s the power of this 19th century wonder which has now become an integral part of everyone’s life. With smartphones coming up with excellent cameras, people can even take full-fledged movies using their phones. That said, image editing services play a major role in ensuring quality photographs taken using smartphones and high-end cameras. Image editing ensures quality photos with tools to remove the minutest blemishes to adding stunning effects to a normal photograph.

Here are 10 amazing tips for shooting still life photography that will result in stunning frames:

Still Life Photography

Choose an Interesting Object

It all starts with choosing an interesting object to shoot. Still life photography seems quite easy because your object will remain immobile. But making an immobile object interesting using photography is a good challenge to prove your skills.

Try Different Lenses

When you’re into still life photography, you can enjoy the benefit of trying out more lenses because your object will not be moving around. Make sure that you have a few lenses to try out different outcomes which will prove to be a brilliant idea.

Set the Angle

Try out taking the photograph from different angles. What looks like an apple from one angle may look like a heart from another! To add on amazing effects and for image corrections, you can hire professional photography editing services.

Take Your Time

You can take your own sweet time when working on still life photography. If you are not happy with the outcome, take a break and get refreshed before starting a fresh session. It can make a huge difference to the output.

Perfect post-production

Post production plays an important role in ensuring quality photographs of all kinds. It requires using legacy photo editing tools and the expertise of experienced image editors. Competent photo editing services providers can help photographers to get stunning results.

Check the Lighting

Even a slight change in lighting can make a huge difference to the photograph you take. A little bit of commercial retouching can make it look surreal! Try out a couple of lighting variations when you take the photographs. To add more drama, you can work on them digitally using a legacy tool or outsource photo editing to competent people.

Get a Tripod

If you have an adjustable tripod, it makes photography easier and more effective. You can set the height and distance just the way you want.

Get the Right Backdrop

Even if the object, angle and lighting are perfect, the backdrop can spoil a photograph! Make sure that your backdrop is apt for the object. You can get stunning outputs when with the right backdrop setting based on the purpose of the photograph.

Choose Things Brimming with Life

The idea is still life photography, yet, you can consider adding elements such as flowers, ribbons or decorations that sprinkle some happiness and give life to the entire photograph.

Edit Creatively

Finally, add some creativity to your photo during editing. You can play with lights or tweak the picture a little, even change the backdrop with a little skill in image editing. Even if you are not a technically skilled person, you can get your outsourcing partner to work on the creative part by sharing your inputs.

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