15 Stellar Product Photography Ideas that will Help You Sell More

Posted by Zara Jones | June 10, 2020 | Photography

Product photography should capture your audience’s attention and without stunning product photos, there’s no way to it. Yes, the post-processing or product retouching is also vital in hitting that sweet spot. Or you could outsource the post-processing expertise from third-party image editing services.

If you could incorporate or shoot the aesthetics of products in photos with the right eCommerce product photo editing expertise, it will be alive. This will enable your potential prospects’ purchasing decisions, no matter how you look at it.

Product Photography

And to snap great product photos is not solely dependent on your photography rig, such as the right camera, tripod, artificial lighting, etc. A professional shoot requires something more than that as well.

Well, it’s time for us to check out some ideas that make your product photographs inspiring and stunning capable of keeping your customers hooked for achieving more sales.

Create a Scene with Your Environment

If you could use your environments creatively for a product photography shoot, that’s a big hit! It can help you sell your product in a jiffy. An environment that blends with your product will make your customers think of themselves being in that scene. Have great planning, throw in some great props (if needed) that will cleverly host the product that will interest your customers with more engagement.

Try the Bokeh effect as well, as it is perfect for blurring out backgrounds and makes your product stand prime in the scene. And with some product retouching, your photos will look good.

The Power of Macro Shots

Macro shots are really powerful as products are viewed in super close-ups, and is highly evocative in waking up the human senses which also leads to buying the product in a snap. This method is ideal for giving more details about the product to customers that will heighten their buying intent. Well, make sure you don’t shoot all your product photos in macro mode.

The Background Placement Trick

This is just like reversing the macro shot. Keep your product in the background by driving it away from the main focus. This highlights the environment and a major perspective change in the mind of your prospective customers, with your product having an indirect focus. And with some expert commercial photography editing, it will surely produce a bit more imaginative spark.

The Freeze-Frame Concept

This is an outright cool shot and is not as easy as it looks. So practice it hard before you get an actual freeze effect from the blurry ones If you get one single shot that seems to freeze time, voila, you get your customers impressed! There you have it! Although these types of shots are pretty hard to pull off, it’s always worth the effort. It will give a new dimension to your products and your professional product photography skills.

Photo Manipulation

This is not entirely about your equipment or gear or other physical aspects of a product photoshoot. It requires some serious commercial photography editing skills. Use software such as Adobe’s Photoshop or Illustrator to cleverly manipulate your product photos for different perspectives. There are plenty of tutorials for learning these through online platforms (YouTube). Or you could get the best expertise by hiring an image editing services professional.

Snap all Variations of the Product

Customers will want to know how good the product they are going to buy will look with different variations, especially color. So shoot all the possible variations you can come for your product to make sure customers are happy with their purchase.

Illustrate the Product in Action

Shooting your products in action or showing its actual use through the photos is a great marketing gimmick. Come up with some concepts of how you can productively use the product in the photoshoot. So brainstorm hard and tailor craft something unique that will make your customers want your product. Grab their attention by showing them something completely unexpected and thoughtful. If you receive the chance for a spotlight, go for it, stand out from the crowd! That’s how it’s done in the highly competitive eCommerce industry.

360-degree Photos are Really Good!

Hands-on product experience is always done by customers in a physical store especially the look of the product from all angles. However, in the online platforms, there’s no option for it. Although you can offer a 360-degree view of products with specific digital tools or image editing services. This will give your customers an immersive product experience from every angle.

Bring in Some People

Including real people in your brand’s product shoot is highly effective. Especially if the product photoshoot features ordinary, people it will help better in understanding customers, that ideally speaks to them, and help them reflect themselves in the photos using your product.

Experiment with All Possible Angles

An eye-level angle always works although you got to up the game a bit more by experimenting with different angles. You’ll have an entirely different and eye-catching perspective. Try the over-the-top shot as well since it eliminates any prominent perspective and hooks your customers’ entire attention to the photo’s subject.

Surface Reflection of Product

You get an extra zing to your product from this type of shot compared to a rather straight-forward one. You can achieve this effect by using either a photo manipulation tool or use a mirror, and yeah, it’s a bit challenging. The right professionalism with mirrors comes when you’re able to correctly light it up for the shot. Or, got for the simple way of using the software.

Props are Great!

Using props will help give your customers different ways on how your products can be used. Make sure each prop can connect with the product with a use. To achieve a double sale effect, use other props as well that you are planning to sell with your product currently being shot.

Props might also tell an interesting story, and reveals more about the product’s potential and the brand.

Suspend Your Products

This is also a bit similar to manipulation, although it’s all physical. But if you pull it off right, it’s a good learning curve, a bit of fun, and most importantly, creates a lasting impression.

You can suspend your products in mid-air using clear fishing line or translucent ones. It requires some trial and error but it guarantees an impressive product shot. The final part all comes down to when you edit out the line using your product retouching skills in good post-production software.

The Stand-Alone Product

As mentioned above there are many things you can use to make your product stand out. But one idea might beat them all. The stand-alone product shot! Just plain focus on the product alone. You know, absolutely no distraction, and just the product in prime! Try this as well, in the most creative way possible.

Communicate Your Personality

Lastly, it’s not always about product photos but how they reflect yours or the brand’s personality across. When customers can identify such a brand signature or personality it strengthens your relationship with them and instills a sense of loyalty in them.

So incorporate your brand’s personality in your product photos where customers can imagine themselves using it, or in the situation portrayed in the photo. And honestly, it goes way beyond just sales.

So try out these awesome ideas in your product photoshoot along with some good commercial photography editing. These visual knacks will surely grab the attention of all your potential customers. And make sure you always think outside the box and come up with new ideas that will make you stand out and sell more.

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