10 Most Common Portrait Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Fotovalley | January 2, 2020 | Photography

Creating portraits of people who like to be photographed is a great way to gain experience. Working with the same person again or taking portrait classes will help you develop the skills you need. But if you don’t have time or skills for all this, then you can always hire portrait photography retouching services for best results. When you start, you’ll most likely make some or all of these common portrait photography mistakes. Awareness of these mistakes can help you avoid making them.

Portrait Photography Mistakes

Take a look at some of the common portrait photography mistakes you should avoid in your next session

Poor Composition

The most common portrait error is getting a farther view instead of a closer one. The space around the subject usually does nothing to enhance the portrait. Trim more closely, unless there is important information around the person.

Subject is too close to the bottom

If it’s a busy scenario, your object may be overwhelmed and eventually not become the main focus. Even if the background is quite simple, it is better to separate your subject from it.

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Eyes out of focus

If your subject has eyes, focus on them. This is a photography rule that I adhere to, for the most part. If you find all this too overwhelming, you can always outsource photo editing services.

Poor Lighting

Modern cameras can take pictures without light, so it’s easy to make a mistake. With portraits, you have lighting that suits the mood you want to create in the photo. Hard and high contrast lighting is not good when you want a soft and romantic look represented. Again, soft light will not help you create drama in a person’s photo.

Not enough photos are taken

You need to take a lot of pictures. When you edit, not taking enough photos will frustrate you because you will have very few choices to consider.

Distracting Background

Background can be distractive and take the attention away from the subject. Be careful with the position of your subject. Also, let your selection of lenses be thoughtful. Using longer shots will reduce the background in the frame.

There’s not enough focus

You can try to open with the widest setting so that you can blur the background that distracts. By doing this carefully, you can keep enough focus on your subject. Blurring the background can also mean blurring your theme which may really look good.

Slow shutter speed

You have to choose a shutter speed fast enough to freeze your theme. Even if they move slightly, you can make the photo blur if the shutter is too slow. 1/250 seconds is usually fast enough. slower than that, you may have problems.

Wrong Time

Time is a major factor in photography. Nature, kids, animals and festivities don’t wait for the photographer. Of course, with the help of a competent image editing services provider, you can gel in the right backdrops that were missed in the photograph. Even if you don’t perfect the timing, you can get the photograph edited to perfection.

Take too many photos

Finding the balance between enough and too many photos can be difficult. It will largely depend on your subject. You have to be aware of this. If your theme is boring because it takes too much time or too many photos, it will show up on their faces.

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