7 Ideas to Create Mood Boards that Inspire

Posted by Zara Jones | March 8, 2021 | Graphic Design

A mood board or an inspiration board revolves around so much potential and is made to hone your vision and ideas required for a creative project. These boards are made to inspire your inner self either in the form of collages, color palettes, even descriptive words, and typography, which slingshots your creative side of your image editing services projects.

create mood board

Inspiration boards are majorly used by creative professionals of diverse domains such as – graphic designers, commercial retouching, interior decorators, set designers, fashion designers, photographers, event planners, and more. Its digital version at times goes for the photo manipulation techniques as well – to have their creative juices flowing more vividly.

Inspiration boards serve two main purposes – to refine your ideas by drawing inspiration from a blank point to find cohesion and strength in your creative idea that will attain clarity of the whole. It helps with effective communication of ideas to people as well. Today’s boards are best done in digital formats that use photo editing services skills.

So let’s get to know how to make mood board in a step-by-step manner all by yourself.

Deciding the Style

Decide on the style of the board you’re trying to create. It could be made by analyzing what colors and images you want to use for the outcome. Decide on style choices such as masculine or feminine, modern or classic, commercial or fancy, trendy, composed, and pleasant. And there’s no rule that you have to stick to a single style but try to experiment by combining one or more styles to get the ideal mood. Research a massive collection of references so that you have more creative scope for photo manipulation input.


Deciding on what colors you want to use for your mood board is the most crucial aspect before creating one. Cohesion among the chosen colors is important while considering the palette as it will also help you define the complementary colors as well. The colors you choose should evoke an emotional response. Dark colors evoke a melancholy mood, and bright ones manifest energy and happiness. Your commercial retouching skills will surely come in handy when you’re going for a digital board version.

Initiate Inspiration from Wherever You Can

The starting point is always the internet loaded with inspirational materials that can be sourced from websites, social media, forums, and more. So always be on the lookout for the same, snap photos when you’re out, and keep a collection. Image editing services providers have good expertise in creating digital versions with moving board pieces as well. We would suggest creating one with your photo editing services skills, that way, you are friending the environment, and you can print it anytime for a physical version.

mood board design tips

Let Prominent Elements Stand Out

The prime element(s) of your mood board should stand out. Making it bigger and more central helps you build the other elements around bringing more cohesion.

Less is Always Better

Don’t crowd your mood boards with hundreds of images, design elements, or huge collages. Keep it minimal, and less so that you can get the message out there without overloading it good-looking content – something to be careful about while working with a client.

Your Design Input is Always Key

With image editing services software, your sole design input and ideas are key in creating inspiration boards. So always design the board by yourself.

Use the Right Tools

Always use the right tools to perfectly design a vision board. There are several digital software or apps that can get you the result you want. The style and color palette is the one that makes or breaks your board. So wisely choose the tools you want to work with and employ your photo editing services skills to create a visually coherent inspiration board.

Now that you’ve gained some ideas on creating mood boards we want you to work your creative flair to get yourself and your audience inspired. The digital version is the one that is best suited to this modern era. The convenience, gathering of materials, and endless revision capabilities, and massive potential are what make it preferable. Plus, you get to play around with your post-processing skills in photo manipulation and commercial retouching that can better extend its inspirational potential. So design one right away!

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