6 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Images

Posted by Zara Jones | December 15, 2017 | Clipping, Graphic Design, Image Editing, Photo Editing
6 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Images foto valley photo editing services

Every photography agency or anyone who requires an image would like to upgrade your Images to be perfect and attractive. But no matter how well the shooting goes, at times, the images come out with certain defects. For example, unwanted objects in an image, underexposed wedding photographs, and much more.

With the advent of digitization, today, one can witness numerous editing techniques and software which will help you to generate the best image. The editing process or the upgrading of the defect consisting photographs have become much more easy with time.

The best possible ways to upgrade your images are:

1. Using ‘blur’ concept


The contemporary digital cameras have the capability to capture a large area under focus. But this at times can possess a negative threat as it might deviate the attention of the viewer from the major point of interest. In such a case, one can use the concept of ‘blur’ while editing, so as to give a less focus towards the irrelevant or unimportant features.

2.Removal of red-eye 


Red eye is detected in an image due to the flash (placed next to the lens). wherein the flash is reflected back to the eye, thus giving out a brighter red. We can fix the issue of red-eye with an ease. By zooming and select the red spotted area and cover these red pixels with a dark or grey one. You can also utilize the red-eye detection tool which will carry out the process automatically.

3. Photo sharpening


The concept of sharpening is widely used in the print vertical. It can make an image to be clearer, focused, and crisper. If you want to sharpen your image, you can utilize the tool of ‘Unsharp Mask’. You can easily make an image look sharper while maintaining its originality.

4. Adding border 


A simple border can add a divergence between a photo and its background. A black or a pure white border can enhance the impact of the image by adding a professional touch. Do not try to implement jazzy or complicated border patterns.

5. Cropping concept 


While capturing a photograph, you may capture an image with unnecessary background or irrelevant images placed adjacent to the focused one. This leads to the loss of a proper shot of the major subject among all the other irrelevant background elements. In such a situation, cropping can be highly beneficial as it will help to eliminate the background clutter and allow the viewer to focus on the main subject.

6. Horizon straightening


While capturing an image, it is essential to think about the zoom, focus, shutter speed, and composition. Due to improper photography techniques, you get a slanted horizon which can be highly distracting. If you want to eliminate the slanted horizon, you need to initially handle the camera well. Once the image is generated, you can use the re-align tool to make a straight horizon.

Every photo speaks thousands of words and it makes the memories captured turn out to be wonderful ones.

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