How Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Help Your Fashion Apparel Store?

Posted by Fotovalley | March 4, 2020 | Photography

Boutiques and fashion stores dress up mannequins for product display and shoots when they cannot afford real models. This works well for many businesses as the focus should be on the dress or product than on the model. Using quality image editing services, your fashion apparel store can leverage ghost mannequin photoshoot. This not only helps the store save a handsome amount on model shoot but also make the products stand out from the crowd.

Here are some ways in which ghost mannequin photoshoot with quality editing services helps your fashion apparel store:

ghost mannequin photoshoot


Fashion model shoot is an extremely expensive affair. In the fast-changing fashion industry, not many retail stores can afford a fashion shoot with models even once every month. That’s one reason most fashion stores prefer mannequin shoot and then opt for ghost mannequin photo editing. This way, the store can opt for a photoshoot even on a daily basis depending upon the current trends and use it on social media to attract their target groups. This is a proven method to increase walk-ins and online sales in many places. Another aspect is that, the store does not have to consider the size of the model or their complexion etc. for the photoshoot.

Better Clarity and Enhanced Product Images

Since the mannequin does not move or gets tired, the photoshoot can be well-managed to ensure the best lighting and clarity. Photo editing services further enhance the product image quality by touching and editing the photographs using the latest and best software tools. Since these tools come quite expensive, the fashion stores may not have it. The outsourcing firm will always have the latest and best tools for photo editing.

More Focus On Products

With a mannequin shoot, the product gets more focus. When famous or beautiful models are used for fashion shoot, they tend to take away the limelight and the product hardly gets the focus it deserves. Since retail shops rarely have unique designer pieces, unless the products are displayed properly without any other distractions, it may not benefit their business. When it comes to fashion shoot with a model, there are many constraints such as lighting, angle, clarity etc. apart from the dress fitting which dilutes the product focus. With ghost mannequin shoot, the focus is entirely on the product.

Works for Most Products

The same mannequin can be used to shoot different types of apparels. It won’t complain of dress-change or tiredness. The products are set on a ghost-mannequin and after the shoot, Commercial Photography Editing service providers are hired to set the catalogue or album images right. This ensures top-quality product images which attract customers and help convert them over time.

Photo editing requires solid artistic inclination, photography skills and knowledge of the software tools. These require quite some investment and skilled resources. The resources are not easy to come and not all fashion stores can afford such investment. Experience only adds to the enhancement of photo quality. Outsourcing the product photoshoot without real models will help the store gain significant identity and savings.

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