Family Portrait Photography – Dos and Don’ts

Posted by Zara Jones | June 27, 2019 | Photography

We all love to create and store our memories. And the best way to do that is photographed. Family portraits have been popular since ages. But it is not easy to do. Even professional photographers have to outsource image editing services so that the end result is awesome. A family photoshoot can be very stressful and demanding at the same time. However, if you have certain tricks up your sleeve, then it can become fun and enjoyable.

Following are the Dos and Don’ts that will Help you Do Some Amazing Family Portrait Photography


family portrait photography

Do Tell Them What to Do

Majority of people don’t know how to pose properly for a particular photograph. They may also feel uncomfortable and it can appear in the image. Hence, make sure they are comfortable and at ease. Tell them how to pose but in a fun and interactive manner.

Do Communicate with Your Clients

Make sure you keep interacting with all the family members at various stages of the family photo shoot. It is crucial as they don’t do this often and may feel a bit awkward. If you want to click natural looking family pictures, then outsourcing professional portrait retouching services might be the best option.

Don’t Pose Your Clients Facing the Sun

Avoid poses in which the family has to pose looking towards the sun or strong light sources. Avoid clicking pictures in which the sun is in the background of the object.

Don’t Forget the Surroundings

As a professional photographer, you must be aware of the surroundings. It may include many things such as composition, camera settings for the right light/effects, the position of models, background, etc.

family portrait photography

Do Tell the Family How to Pose

There may be a chance that everyone understands your posing directions in different ways. This can ultimately result in chaos. You can avoid by telling them how to pose and act together.

Don’t Take Just One Photo

Take as many photos as you can to skip the terrible feeling of taking a group photo just to later realize there’s some problem with it. It may be due to the fact that someone had their eyes closed or was not in the right pose.

Don’t Set Your Aperture Value Very Low

Family portraits can look stunning if your subjects are in focus and the background is blurry. You can create this effect by setting a low aperture value. Outsourcing professional retouching services can make your photographs look natural and timeless.

Do Hire Professionals for Editing

Don’t overly use trendy editing styles and effects. They can make the photograph look unattractive twenty years down the line. If you want to create timeless images, then outsource photo editing services.

Do Use the Environment

Outdoor family photography can be a bit overwhelming for some people. They may feel shy or uncomfortable in public places. You can use anything around to help them get over any self-consciousness.

Do Offer Family Photo Outfit Advice

If the family is not sure and keep asking you “What should we wear?”, then you have to give them the right advice how can they look coordinated to convey a feeling of togetherness.

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