The Perfect Fairy Tale Photography Tips for You

Posted by Zara Jones | July 8, 2020 | Photography

The incorporation of an ethereal effect achieved through fairy tale photography has a phenomenal impact on your target audience. This is an outcome of a photographer’s spontaneous and adaptable feats and stellar professional photography editing skills.

These techniques are specifically used in shoots that embrace and aim for a celestial nature feel. These shoots are majorly suited for wedding photo editing and fashion photography retouching.

wedding fairy tale photography

It’s a different outfit in the field of photography apart from the consistent concept shots. It’s more about crafting the lighting and atmospherics to obtain that that radiant elegance. And if you are too busy to do the post-production work, you can outsource it to efficient and reasonably priced image editing services providers who will give you exceptional outcomes. 

So how do you achieve that epic and dramatic effect in your fairy tale photoshoot?  Check out the below-given tips for an outstanding schedule in fairy tale photoshoot.

fairy tale photography

The Highlight Play

Blowing up highlights is never good with photography, especially when you’re learning as it will likely lose all the details in your photos. Although for a fairy tale feel, you should try blowing it up, and we’re not kidding. It makes the photo bright and with an airy look and works the best when your subject’s back-lit. Also try to shoot in the RAW format, which will help you tailor everything according to your professional photography editing perspective and requirements.

Bring the ‘Epic’ in Your Photos

Be it a fashion or wedding shoot you can cause that epic feel by shooting the subject from a low or ground angle. Also if the costumes are long, incorporate its full length in the photo which will give a storytelling effect. With good fashion photography retouching or wedding photo editing skills, you can nail all your photos.

The Portrait Shot

Utilize the shadowy areas effectively in this type of shot by positioning your subject closer to you. It’s almost similar to portrait shots where the subject’s focus is placed with a single point (low F-stop) and allowing the rest of the background to blur out (manual focus). It will generate a pleasant, airy-fairy feel.

Blend or Composite Different Shots

This technique combines the subject‘s movement which is not easy to pull off the way you want it, in a single shot. So take multiple shots and blend them with your top-notch post-production skills. By doing so you can showcase movement in your photos with a touch of that fairytale feel, especially when it comes to wedding photo editing.

fairy tale photography

The Single Focal Point Effect

While editing your photos in Lightroom/Photoshop, concentrate on a single focal point in the photo. Then you can darken or light up specific areas using the brush tool with a low opacity setting. Also, gradually combine layers of color until you get that fairytale effect. After that, use a single focal point to brighten your subject’s area that will bring more focus on them drawing attention on your subject.

The Post-production Lighting

As it is with any type of photo shoot, you will not get the perfect lighting all the time. Although you can get this with your professional photography editing skills using the apt software. The brush tool in Photoshop, (with Screen Mode, and low-opacity setting), paint the primary area that you want to be well-lit suing your fashion photography retouching skills. This effect if done in a separate layer will provide you more convenience so that you can adjust it accordingly until you get it right saving you great deal trouble from working on the photo from scratch again.

Shooting through Props

Shooting through objects or any props is a big yes. It could be through flowers, thin films, plastic, or the accompanied surroundings – it can be anything. When you shoot through stuff, it adds more dimension to your photos, provided that it doesn’t block your lens’s focal point.

The Smoke Drama

Use smoke props – atmospheric aerosol, plain or colored smoke bombs, smoke balls, etc. You can add this dramatic smoke effect in Photoshop as well.

So consider these good tips in your fairy tale photoshoot for an epic, ethereal, and enchanting look to your photos. You can outsource the help from outsourcing image editing services providers if you’re on a tighter budget or lack time for post-production.

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