Tips and Tricks to Up Your Engagement Photography Game

Posted by Zara Jones | April 9, 2021 | Photography

Engagement photography is a genre that’s involves excellent interaction, and communication, that builds a trust among your clients. It involves excellent coordination for predictability so that the results don’t lack control. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in this to attain candid-worthy shots that brings their true couple moments.

Creativity is a major element that you will have to bring in this genre during shoots and in post-production processes such as portrait retouching, or color correction services. So what is the secret to nailing your shoot game in this photography genre along with the post-processing efforts? Well it does have certain aspects that needs to be followed.

creative engagement photography ideas

Things you have to be crucial about is in understanding and in delivering the client’s exact needs, with a careful plan, and excellent technical skills. And if you lack the time to do the post-processing, you can always outsource wedding photo editing services that have quick TATs, industry expertise, and most of all, cost-effective pricing.

Alright, let’s get into some handy engagement photography tips for you to achieve an edge in this particular genre.

engagement photography

Understand Clients Requirements

There should be a perfect engagement photography plan while you’re about to shoot. And you can always make the shoot plan by precisely understanding your client’s requirements. This will help you gauge the overall vision so that the shoot can be personalized to their requirement, and you can even consider the location they suggest.


Check out popular social media platforms for references, or for scouting locations for more insight into your shoot, and by also considering the clients’ personalities and tastes. Discuss about their wardrobe, and props for the shoot so that you will know how to aptly use it.

Improvise from Basic Poses

If you’re unsure, begin from basic poses, and spend some time clicking them to find out the chemistry of the couple. Gradually you’ll pick it up and understand how to make their moment precious and more candid. Tweak it with your portrait retouching skills to make it more magical as well.

Natural Lighting

You need to have solid understanding as to predict how natural lighting could be to manipulate it. Else it becomes hard to pull off and you’ll need color correction services to assist you. Try using reflectors for a more challenging type of manipulation, and if used correctly, it can make up a good pic without any over complication. Maximize the dynamic range for more detail in your photos when natural lighting is getting low.

Using the Flash

When to use it – when all the natural light is gone but be very careful about using it or else there will be so much light exposure. What you can do is bring a diffused effect by bouncing it off of surfaces. And you can try blending natural light and flash lighting for some amazing effects as well, and with the right balance between the two – you get a dramatic flair to your images. You can also bring more flash intensity and less of ambient lighting that will illuminate your subjects.


In every engagement photography it’s vital that you incorporate a feel of a story or a meaningful narrative that is all about the couples. You can always achieve this from a 3 or 4-hour shoot for achieving that dramatic imagery.

creative engagement photography

How Good Can You Bring Natural Effects?

Golden hour shoots can give you some mindblowing compositions and it’s all about knowing how to maniuplate the sun’s rays in your photos. Have good gear so that you can lessen the shoot challenge without having to use the sun – yes, a light source that can recreate the sunlight effect. A flash placed behind the couple can produce an aural lighting kind of like a lit silhouette bringing more focus to them, by using the spotlight effect.

Creativity that Elevates Your Game

Long exposure shots can bring more dynamism tot your pics when you adjust the shutter speed and it’s a stellar tactic that can be used in engagement photography. Also, try out specialty lenses brings stunning creative effects especially the tilt-shift lens and carry out some post-processing techniques such as portrait retouching, and color correction services, or seek out the help of an expert wedding photo editing service provider. You could also go for some panoramic images that can be made during high-quality post-process. Another one you could bring is the double exposure effect that is always magical.

So try all these engagement photography suggestions and elevate your game right away!

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