10 Creative Photography Ideas at Home You Should Try

Posted by Zara Jones | November 22, 2021 | Photography
10 Creative Photography Ideas at Home You Should Try

Everything starts at home. If you have a creative mind to explore your photography skills, your home would be the right place to start. Since we all went through a time stuck in our home for months during the pandemic, you can easily find it interesting to develop some creative photography ideas that you can try at home. With limited resources, limited space, and limited techniques, you can create images with unlimited charm. Here we are, with 10 creative photography ideas that you can try at home with ease.

1- Capturing The Refraction

Light bends when passing from one medium to another due to the difference in their densities. It is called refraction, and it can get used when trying your photography project at home. A glass full of water, a flashlight, a pattern print is enough for this. The pattern can get used as a background. The aberrations in the pattern when looking through the glass can be mind-blowing, and you can improvise it by changing the pattern, color of glass, level of water, or even changing the medium of refraction. Moving the pattern forwards and backward will also help you get various effects.

2- Still Life Photography Techniques

Take a look around your house and find any object like a book, glass, a piece of vegetable, or simply an egg. Challenge yourself and see how many different shots you can take with the same still-life object. Place it in different backgrounds, experiment with various angles and shades, and in many other ways. You can make creative differences to the image with the same object. Egg challenges are a perfect example of this. It can be a way to spend some time and a creative exercise to push your artistic abilities to their limits at the same time. Image editing services can enhance the beauty of the images you took with a simple life object makes them exceptionally beautiful.

3- Have Fun with Food Landscape

It is an attractive and funny idea to use food materials as a landscape for model figurines. Creatively associating food products with landscapes and visuals in the outer world will make the photograph appealing. It can also be getting used to touching any social issues, like a cartoon or illustration. Image editing services can get used to adding more to this by enhancing many beauty factors. Objects in the images can be viewed as characters, and it establishes a sense of narrative. It will develop curiosity and awareness among the viewers.

4-Using Light Spirals

It is a simple technique but can help create beautiful images. It is good to select a dark room for this to get the best result. Place a torchlight attached to the spring above your camera mounted on a tripod or any other stand. The light source gets allowed to spin freely. When capturing this image in action, it will give a spiral-type visual. These light spirals will be in some definite patterns that can get changed by controlling the spinning of the torchlight. It is preferred to use an aperture of f/11 or f/16 for Bulb Mode in your camera. The final result will be astonishing. Also, there is a lot of space for photo color correction for such images to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

5- Creating Water Splashes

A transparent container with water, a flashgun, a colored background, and a camera is enough to take artistic pictures with water splashes. Drop an object into the water and fire the shutter as it hits the watermark. It will develop a feel of the action. You will have the possibility to improvise the objects used to create the splash, their color, lighting, background, and so on. Photo editing services can help you enhance beauty by adjusting the water droplets, background color, shade, and so on. The thing you must note is, the focus and exposure should get adjusted to f/8 and ISO200. Also, adjust the shutter speed to its maximum for capturing motion. You can select the best among them.

6- Be with Your Pets

Pets are one of the major attractions of every home. If you can successfully place them in front of your camera, it can be some good snaps. You can do this in two ways. One is making them pause as you wish, and the second is taking photos of whatever they do. In the first case, you might need a lot of rewards to make them cooperate with it. And also, it is necessary to adjust the camera to capture motion to ensure the images are not getting blurred. Setting a layout like the natural habits of your pet will make the photograph touchier.

7- Exploring Shadows

Shadows have unending possibilities in photography. It can get used for generating feelings of solitude, horror, compassion, love, and many more. The ability to get used in black and white or color formats at the same time. A window, a floor, lace, or even body parts can create shadows and beautiful images with it. Also, photo editing services can do a lot with shadow photography since they can effectively enhance shades and tone. You can use natural or artificial light sources for generating shadows.

8- Playing with Fire

Shooting with a flame can be so good, especially when capturing a portrait. If you can find a room with enough dark space, a flame light can produce a warm tone to the image. A relatively slow shutter speed and medium ISO is the best in these cases. You can also place the nearby objects adjusting the shadows and light reflections more creatively. At the same time, with photo color correction techniques, you can enhance the color tone of objects, taken with minimum lights and shadows.

9- Looking into The Mirror

Mirror images are always mind-blowing and complex. For developing a paradoxical effect, mirror images are perfect. Also, it is one of the simplest creative photography ideas that you can experiment with at home. You can use a single mirror to capture reflected images, but the most attractive idea is to use multiple mirrors. Using that, you can capture images to create an infinity mirror illusion. For that, the mirror must be parallel to the camera. You can get the help of photo editing services to remove unwanted objects in the mirror if it reflects the camera.

10- Focusing to The Food Plate

Food photography is interesting when the plates get filled with yummy dishes. Food plates themselves provide a beautiful visual they can expose different objects in different colors oriented in different layouts. It is also necessary to provide a good background like a dining table with a suitable table cloth. You can use photo color correction techniques for beauty enhancements too. The beauty varies from one food culture to another. With minimum lighting and limited resources, it is one of the most common creative photography ideas that you can experiment with at home with great ease. Now take the camera, have some fun taking a few snaps around your home.

As an overview, if you are creative and enthusiastic enough to make the most common thing into an attractive object, then you must explore your home with your camera. It will show you more than what you want and will help you improve your creative outlook by challenging your own photography skills. We hope that you found this article helpful. To know more, reach us at [email protected]

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