11 Awesome Aerial Photography Tips You Need to Know

Posted by Fotovalley | August 12, 2020 | Photography

Aerial Photography holds similarities with regular photography. But taking images from above there is different. The use of drones is not an easy task as all of us think of it. If you are about to start clicking through a drone camera or disappointed with your current photography, I have several tips to help you out.


Fly it close to the ground

Yes, I know your drone can fly high and you are tempted to do it, but keep control. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. The best images in aerial photography are usually taken from low to the ground. It helps your camera to capture the contours in detail. You cannot depict the depth and shape in its best when you fly high. Even if you shoot plainly without any angle, the details will be portrayed well on it.

Learn the art of exposure bracketing

While picturing with a drone you have to learn to handle its exposure bracket. Bracketing includes capturing multiple images of the same scene. Taking multiple exposures manually will be useful. So, avoid the automatic blending that some of the drones offer as its HDR function. Using the AEB function is better as well. This can help you get more control over the final look and blending of exposure while a professional photo editing.

The ‘Golden Hour’ Photography

The landscape photos appear in its best when it is clicked during the ‘golden hour’. It says you have an hour to click the best image during the dawn and dusk. Photographers agree that the light of this time elevates the features with a warmer and softer tone. Picturing the scene while the sun is slanting towards the horizon will be much better than when it is on the horizon. So, capturing images from 30-60 minutes after sunrise and before sunset is advisable for aerial photography.

Find its limitations

Losing your drone is something that can happen easily. Check the power and limitations of your drone in a safe environment before you set it on fire. It is important to know the power it needed to fly back home, other ways you can even cause harm to others as well. Testing your drone is such a crucial step because it ensures safety and stability.

Keep spare power

How do you feel when you are super excited to shoot and the battery is dead? With a battery, you can work up to 20 minutes for maximum. You have to keep backup options to extent shooting. There is a chance that you may use it even when it is time to bring it back. Therefore it is essential to buy a battery.

Use the full-screen mode

Data is helpful while adjusting the settings but not while capturing drone images. Try the full-screen mode if you are disappointed with the composition of your images. It will amaze you with better results. You can see what the drone sees exactly without any clutter. Read your instruction manual to find out your full-screen mode. This adds up perfection to your image.


Use Terrain View in Google Maps

Using terrain view in Google maps will help you to see the earth in a Handy way. Through the satellite view, you may miss or skip some places as it seems invisible. While using terrain view you can see the depth ad area you hunt for. The boring place you see in a satellite view may appear as a place to explore. It even may see as a place that has the potential to give you some great images.

Utilize the Side-Light in Landscapes

The portrait photographers use a softbox and umbrella for side-lighting as they know its importance in shaping an object. But in the case of aerial photography, you have no control over lighting. But, certainly, the principle is applicable here as well. As we said earlier, nature will itself produce side-light during dawn and dusk. Ensure the light is from one side of the camera. Keep the sun on the sides of the drone rather than making it in front or back of it.

Use a Tablet

Use a tablet instead of your phone to control the drone will allow you to see more. Using a phone with a big screen is not a replacement for it because you will only know the ease of using a tablet as the controller, only when you try it. This will make improvements in your photography as well. The extra benefit is that you can set your phone free for other tasks like checking the weather and behind the scene photography.

Change Your Altitude

Changing your altitudes for pictures is going to award you dramatic changes in your images. We discussed about keeping the lower flight to get the detailed image. But you also can change the altitudes at times to get different images of the same place. If you fly it high you are going to get new objects in the background as well. Or if you are focusing on a subject in the center and want to isolate it, you should go for a lower altitude.

Hope these tips help you to click the best with your drone camera. Editing these images is as important as capturing them. If you are not a pro in editing, you may not bring the best results in your photo. Don’t worry; there are several amazing image editing services out there, who can bless you with their editing skills. And therefore, you can find one if you are not confident enough to edit your images. Keep this as a bonus tip and enjoy clicking.

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