8 Ways to Improve Your Clothing Photography Editing

Posted by Zara Jones | January 30, 2019 | Photo Editing

To make the product photo stand out on the website is more important than any other piece of content. As per a recent survey, more than 60% people rate the product image to be important than the product its detailed description or other things as a customer review. So, knowing this the product should stand out and look the best as they can be. The best photography is not always hard work but also smart work where the image editing services come into the picture. Today it has become the need of the hour and E-commerce company cannot survive without photo retouching or editing. The market standing will also increase by using impressive images.

Below are the eight ways to improve clothing photography editing:

Clothing Photography Editing Tips

Garment Preparation

The best products need to be showcased to the customer. So before taking the photographs preparing the garment is the crucial step for clothing photography. Wrinkles, stains and other mistakes happen while storing or transporting clothes. Many photographers leave this step as this can be achieved later by editing but the quality of the image is compromised. It is very important to prepare the garment and shouldn’t only rely on editing software.

Mannequin Usage

Photographing the garment on a mannequin is the best way to show a garment as it helps the customers visualize it properly. Gives a better idea of how the garment will look once they wear it. Photographing on a mannequin will allow using a post-production technique known as ghost mannequin editing effect. This allows to take multiple photos of the garment on the mannequin and then removing the mannequin and combining the photos on editing to focus more on the product.

Avoid over-editing

This is the last tip as too much editing might become a disadvantage. As the editor might be seeing the images on a small scale but the customers might zoom in and would like to see it on a larger scale. This would reduce the trust gained by the customers.

Alignment and Cropping

All the products should be of the same size and centred on the image. This would automatically boost the website look and in return bring business. Like alignment cropping, images should be identical too to give a better shopping experience.


This is the key with regards to cropping, alignment, colour and background. To maintain this some standards should be set for both the shooting and editing.

Know More About Ghost Mannequin Editing

Correct lighting

One simple to make the clothing look at its best is right lighting. After checking that if an addition of extra light is required even blocking or filtering light helps. This is helpful in case of fabric with the reflective surface and could be as easy as just using plain paper in front of uncovered light. This gives a new look to fashion product photography.

Editing Background and colours

Lighter backgrounds are appealing. White or light grey is the most ideal backgrounds for product photography. Colours also play an important role. Reds and pink are difficult to distinguish in normal photography. This requires post editing tweak methods which can be done using the software.

Details enhanced

The lifelike image requires giving attention to each detail. Perfect clipping path and cut out is required for the role it plays in the industry. The work should be carried in such a manner that the images should not look edited resulting in real looking images. Clipping path service is given a lot of firms to help in editing part.

With the above mentioned eight best practices for clothing photography editing, there is an opportunity to increase the error-free images which would make the customers believe in the company and its products.

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