Various Techniques in Photo Manipulation

Posted by Fotovalley | August 17, 2017 | Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is a process of transforming a photo with the help of various methods and techniques in order to achieve a set of desired result. Though photo manipulation techniques are hard to practice, it can be grasped in a short time, with efficient training.

Various Techniques in Photo ManipulationTake a look at the few techniques which can be beneficial for your photo manipulation process. With the help of these techniques, you can easily create visually attractive images.

  • Shadows – If you desire your images to be realistic and attractive, you need to include shadows. Every little object on your image need a shadow. Every item on your image should be proportional to the other elements present in the image. Shadows can successfully add a realism to your photo manipulation process.
  • Appropriate proportions – Proportion should be handled with care during the stages of photo manipulation. You should place the images carefully with the help of proportions that will make your image look realistic. Images placed at a distance need to be smaller than the ones present near you. Use the images in proportional harmony.
  • Vertus Fluid Mask – It is best applicable when you have to merge two images. In case, a pen tool fails to carry out the perfect cutting or cropping, Vertus Fluid Mask program will come into effect. It will generate images within seconds by utilizing the specialized masking tools.
  • Stock images – If you are using stock images, make sure that you will not always be able to cut out every stock image perfectly. Stock images have a slight blurriness. Always keep in mind to not choose an image which is too blurry for manipulation. A blurred image would be challenging to work above a colored background. Pick an image which has a good quality and possess a greater clarity.
  • Blending colors – Not every image will match your texture or background. And thus, you can adopt the process of blending colors in such situations. You can add or remove the color by utilizing the gradient maps or photo filters in Photoshop. It will help to boost the color of your image and take away those extra colors. Blending the images will form a wonderful art piece.
  • Textures – Texture is important to blend all your images together in an even tone. It will add a depth to your images. In case, you require a dark image, you can utilize a rough ground surface as the texture for the background. If you lack a background for your image, you can get hold of a unique texture to retain the mood of the image.

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