Top shadow techniques for jewelry photography and photo editing

Top shadow techniques for jewelry photography and photo editing

Explore top shadow techniques for jewelry photography and editing. Elevate your jewelry visuals with expert tips on shadow creation and elimination services

Jewelry photography

The art of capturing images of jewelry and ornament materials such as wearables for advertisement and marketing is own as jewelry photography. Most jewelry and online fashion stores have talented photographers and editors within their organizations.

Visual aesthetics and product presentation can create a huge impact on the market and customers too. In simpler terms, talented photographers are essential for businesses to stand out and gain a competitive leg up over competitors and stay successful among competitors.


Jewelry photography and Services

Jewelry photography services play a crucial role in maintaining business success through effective marketing and advertising. They involve capturing and designing photos of various jewelry and ornaments like necklaces, diamonds, rings, bracelets, and more. These services must demonstrate competence in presenting content that is visually pleasing to a global audience. Above all, the images should be striking and captivating, appealing to the audience’s aesthetic preferences.The image should be able to portray the product’s essence and beauty, which should go well with the brand. In a nutshell, jewelry photography is an Art!

E-commerce brands hire jewelry retouching services to improve the visual appearance of their products or the captured images, attracting the eyes of customers and the market. Small defects and imperfections can impact the performance and impression of the market. Jewelry and ornament retouching services improve the overall appearance of the image. Moreover, they deal with color adjustments, dust, dirt, blemishes, and small defects.

Shadow techniques

Jewelry editing services can be time-consuming to perfect the product and bring aesthetic looks and feels to the jewelry or ornaments. Shadow creation services are photo editing services that help to bring or eliminate a shadow from the captured image due to lighting and angles when they are photographed. They enhance perfection and point touches to an image. Shadow creation and elimination services bring fresh appeals to ornaments and jewelry that must be presented online.

Background removal

Retouching services play an important role in jewelry photography services. retouch services indeed play a great role in perfecting the image. Isn’t it annoying to see unwanted objects or people crashing your photo? Just imagine you’re on a beach taking photos and finally, seeing people and other objects that can ruin the whole picture. Background removal techniques help to remove or eliminate unwanted objects no matter their size from the image. They add value to the image and bring an authentic feel to the captured image.

Reflection removal services

Reflection removal can be a lifesaver for jewelry photography and editing services to make social media and advertisement campaigns effective. Jewelry items have gems and stones that create a reflection or small lights in them. These small errors can dull the actual look and feel of the product. Moreover, minor blemishes on ornaments and jewelry can detract from their appeal on social media and banners. Thus, it is essential for jewelers and e-commerce brands to eliminate any small imperfections before presenting the final product.

Color grading

Poor lighting and background can make the image lifeless no matter how expensive and stunning the jewelry can be. Image editing tools such as Colour grading, luminance, saturation, curve, and highlights can transform the image into a new level from scratch. Furthermore, Color grading brings life to the image and is considered a vital part of jewelry editing services.

Important elements of jewelry photography


The background is an integral part of any product capture. Choosing the right background concerning the color and texture of the particular ornaments you have to capture is important. Most photoshoots use dim backgrounds for small ornaments and jewelry. for instance, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc to grab attention and focus completely on the object. Simple backgrounds and colors will help small ornaments to stand out from the picture.


Mastering lighting techniques can take time. Understanding Lighting positions and angles can bring a huge impact on the photograph. Artificial lighting and natural lighting are lighting techniques used in photography. Most jewelry photography uses artificial lighting as it must be placed on social media, advertising campaigns, or websites. Many types of lighting exist such as hard lighting, loop righting, rim lighting, broad lighting, etc.

Lens and curves

Curves and lenses can define the elements of photography. People should notice the product and glaze without their consent. It’s all about finding the right angle and trying them all before capturing the image. Jewelry and ornament photography effectively use the macro lens, wide, ultra, and telelens. Macro lenses are used for Small accessories and differ concerning the object’s natural elements and size.

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