Relevance of Product Retouching Service in Ecommerce Sector

Posted by Zara Jones | September 20, 2018 | Image Editing

The ecommerce sector depends heavily on product catalogues with good content and attractive images. Unlike the conventional brick and mortar stores, the catalogue, content and images are the face of the eCommerce businesses with whom their customers interact. The images are particularly important because the customers only see these product images based on which they place an order online to purchase the product. To make sure that these images are of good quality, ecommerce businesses often outsource image editing services to competent firms that offer these services in cost-effective way. More than the cost, the image quality and timely delivery matter to most businesses. Here are some of the important ways eCommerce businesses can benefit from outsourcing product photography retouching services:

Relevance of product retouching service in ecommerce sector

High resolution, web optimized images

One of the major challenges faced by ecommerce firms is to make sure that the product images are of high resolution. But such images can prove to be quite heavy to load on the website. Heavy images make the pages slow and in an ecommerce website there will be hundreds if not thousands of images at any time. Unless they are optimized for the web, they can slow down the page loading which is a huge setback for websites. The outsourcing product retouching service providers will be able to provide quality images in web-optimized format.

Affordable Image Editing

The image editing software has to be licensed, just as the stock images also have to be. Both are expensive to purchase. While the ecommerce firm cannot help purchasing the images or shooting them, they can definitely outsource its editing to competent outsourcing partners, thereby reducing the overheads. Outsourcing makes image editing very cost-effective and affordable.

Fixing the images

Sometimes, the images have to be slightly edited to make them look more attractive. Background editing, contrast and color adjustments, image sharpening etc. are done to make sure that the image serves the purpose of attracting more leads. While software tools render images of high quality, certain tweaking will still need manual drawing. A competent clipping path service provider will be able to provide such manually edited images with hand-drawn elements that blend in smoothly with the actual image.

Finetuning the quality

As customers try to check out the various features of your products, they will zoom in the images to get a better view. You will also need product images from various angles so that the customer will be able to have an overall idea about the product. These days, many products are displayed with 360-degree view which is very attractive to customers and give them a clear picture about the product. With the help of commercial retouching services, the eCommerce firm can fine-tune the quality of product images so that they look good even when zoomed in.

Quick Image Editing

Outsourcing offers quick delivery of images after proper editing without compromising on the quality. This is a great boon to ecommerce businesses where they have to deal with hundred of products and their multiple images that gets added to the website on a daily basis. The outsourcing firms make sure that the product images conform to the website’s quality policy and deliver the images within the stipulated time frame.

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