10 Highly Effective Jewelry Retouching Tips to Increase Your Sales

Posted by Zara Jones | December 7, 2018 | Image Retouching Services

Jewelry photo retouching is an important solution for jewelry businesses to stand out in the current market. This is the most important and difficult part of the business as the look of jewelry plays an important role in this digital society. The colorful gemstones should reflect the correct color while the intricate designs should also be visible. The jewelry, when purchased, has emotions attached to it. For some, it’s an asset which would stay with them for difficult times and for others, it could be a symbol of love and respect. A dull and faded photo would never attract buyers who prefer to check the photographs and decide the design. To focus better on the business and to gain rich leads, the business can outsource image editing services to competent outsourcing partners.

10 Highly Effective Jewelry Retouching Tips to Increase Your Sales

The decision needs to be made regarding image editing which could be a cumbersome task if the person is not well-versed with editing software. The editing process has a variety of functions which can be performed such as background change, lighting adjustments, cropping and reducing the size. Some highly effective tips to be used in jewelry retouching technique are given as below which involves professional ones like photoshop services.

Importance of Choosing the Background

The correct background for the image should be chosen. Normally editors use white color as the background as it removes any distraction for the image. The colors and details in the jewelry are highlighted. The buyer also sees a clarity in the picture compared to the one with darker background. The lighter background is a powerful technique to increase the sales.

Glare Reduction for Stones and Diamond

Photography of stones and diamond is very difficult as wrong light position could cause glare and some flat surface could look excess white. Professional retouching technique will help in overcoming this problem depending on the cuts and design of diamond.

Image Size

This can be achieved for a better clarity by professional image editors. They work on a process known as re-sampling where the new pixel values for the image is created. The new pixel value could be smaller or greater than the original numbers depending on the alteration.

Sharpness Adjustment

Jewelry with sharp edges and corners can be made to look softer in images with the usage of photoshop services.

Software Tools for Beginners

A beginner can start with eCommerce business with the help of these software tools. Photoshop tools can be used to retouch and make perfect pictures for commercial use.

Physical Cleaning Not Enough

How much ever physical cleaning is done still some dirt and finger marks are visible. The touch up process will give a clearer picture. There are range of tools available depending on the jewelry and conditions. Photoshop editors use tools like healing brush and patch tool to achieve the desired result.

Correct Color

Retouching required to achieve correct color used improving the quality of picture. The white gold should not look like silver hence retouching process should have accurate methods to increase brightness. The color tone should be set according to the metals in use.

Level of Exposure

The level of image exposed is also an important factor. The commercial retouching tools have simple slider to adjust the exposure level. It can be adjusted and once level is finalized the image can be saved.

Last Minute Correction

Best photography could go wrong with some minor defects which show up in the photo. Post production this could be fixed using professional touchup.

Shadow Clarity

Natural shadow of the jewelry if captured in the photo gives a realistic look. Natural shadow can be created using professional photoshop services.

Outsourcing jewelry photo retouching to professionals is the best way to increase your sale and capture the market.

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