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Posted by Zara Jones | February 10, 2022 | Image Retouching Services
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Images are an integral part of the digital world. With the arrival of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, consumers experiment with creative images like never been before. It made the digital world filled with images of various kinds. For instance, an eCommerce website without a bunch of attractive images is beyond imagination. E-commerce product photography confronts several challenges in a digital world with images everywhere, and it is hard to be unique with their product images. Commercial retouching services have to do a lot in this regard. Let us see what things to note before taking the best shots for their product images.

Guidlines for commercial retouching services


1- Make it Interactive 

For many years, product images were static, and it was enough for the consumers to identify the product. But nowadays, consumers need to look at it more carefully, and it must give enough information to confirm that they need exactly the same product. Due to the increased data delivery speed, consumers interact with video, audio, and other visual content more commonly, and their level of expectation has increased. With a product image, they need to manipulate it, zoom in, and watch t from different angles. Also, they wish to make different colors and shades. Product retouching services help to achieve this to a great extent. But, maintaining higher quality for the image is the key to making it more interactive. Studies say that the more consumers virtually interact with the product images, the more they trust the seller.

2-Use Multiple Angles or 3-D View

As part of interacting with the consumers, eCommerce sites use 3-D images. Consumers can rotate the image and see it from all sides. Also, we can add more than one image from different angles to see its peculiarities and compare them with the others. For example, people will get a chance to see the pocket size of jeans from looking sidewise, which will not get from a single image from the front. Commercial retouching services can make this more efficient by focusing on specific aspects of the product and adjusting image contrast and color balance. So, these images will hook the customer, and it will improve the chance of purchases.

3- Size of eCommerce Product Images

The size of the product image relies upon the property of the eCommerce platform. For example, a slideshow image should be more wide compared to blog images. For optimizing the performance, you need to make the product image as large as possible. It enables the image to contain various descriptions, attractive graphics, and interactive content within the image. Commercial retouching services identify the recommended image size for product images that brings more conversion. Also, they help you identify the restriction of different website platforms on the image size and ensure technical hurdles. For the best results regardless of product category, go for large, high-quality images of 1600 pixels a side or more.

4- Get Assistance of Virtual Photography

The greatest challenge in product photography is, taking the products into a studio and spending too much on the settings and lightings. With virtual photography, retailers and eCommerce owners can do this without moving back and forth of a studio with their products and photographers. Virtual photographers develop product images from CADs (Computer-Aided Design). It helps create the product image even before the product is launched. Also, you can create more images in less time. Also, you can enhance their quality with eCommerce product editing services. In addition, you will only need to spend almost 1/1000 what you had spent with traditional photography.

5- Be Consistent with the Image Background

The background of the product image highly influences the conversion rates. Reports suggest that consumers buy more products with a white background more. A white or transparent background can emphasize the main subject, which is the product. It also helps them to go into details. Even if you decide to choose a different background color, be consistent with it. It helps your customers to get a unique image of your product. Also, make sure that the background is well suited for various digital channels and both smartphones and PCs. Ensure that the image represents the brand identity and precisely communicates with the consumers at the right level.

6- About the Image Composition

The most essential thing to be noted to have developed the best product image is, it should accurately reflect what the product is with minimum props and other elements. More pops or extra elements may distract the viewer from the product. There also has a chance for the misconception that they are also part of the purchase. So, making larger and clean product images is the most preferred idea that eCommerce stores like to follow. When the consumer utilizes the facilities of 360-degree rotation or zoom-in options, they should feel confident to buy it. Removing distortions is essential for this. Product retouching services are helpful here to remove such unwanted distortions and make the image catchier.

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