5 Ways to Enhance Product Images for an Ecommerce Store

Posted by Zara Jones | May 17, 2018 | Image Editing

It is said truly, “An image speaks thousands of words”.

Today, in the world of the corporate sector and other major business fields, utilization of attractive images has gained an immense significance. Research suggests that images are playing a dominant role in increasing the revenue of the businesses, especially the eCommerce store. The ecommerce photo editing services at FotoValley have been renowned in the global market for the past few years.

5 Ways to Enhance Product Images for an Ecommerce Store

With the expansion of technology, visual art such as images have become a powerful tool for communication, both internally as well as externally. FotoValley is an established service provider of varied image editing solutions such as real estate photo enhancement, promotional banner creation, and image manipulation.

eCommerce industry is the topmost sector which has experienced a positive impact on enhancing the product images. The online customers are assured with the delivery of quality enriched products with the best representation of the concerned, via perfect image editing.

Some of the facts are:

  1. Content with images or product descriptions along with the images get the maximum number of views than the content without images
  2. Visually appealing content such as with exquisite images get the higher number of shares on different social media channels

Take a look at the topmost ways to enhance the product images:

Large resolution images

Before purchasing the product, the customer will analyze the image completely. To give a fairer view, it is essential for the image to have a high quality or a larger resolution based image. Make sure to offer your customers with a clearer product image which is being displayed on your product page.

More than one image

It is impossible for the customers to touch or feel the products displayed in an online store. Hence, adding more than one image of the product with different angles will give them a better understanding. It is beneficial for those products which excel in more than one feature or use.

Product in use

Portraying an image by depicting its uses will help you to get connected with the potential customers in a short time. It can eliminate the gap created between the online store and the customers. It will also enable the users to expand their idea or knowledge about how to use the specific product.

Perfect dimensions

When you move an image from your computer system to an online store portal, it can cause the unwanted variations in width or height of the image. It is always advised to make sure that the image holds the same dimension when displayed on the system as well as the online portal.

Proper brightness and contrast

In order to highlight the essential details of the product and make your image stand out in the crowd, ensure to apply the right amount of brightness and contrast. With the help of options such as Curve or Level, one can adjust the brightness and contrast of the image and also enjoy the preview feature.

No matter which photography style is adopted by you, make sure to get the right image editing techniques to represent the imagery in a highly attractive mode. The best product image on an eCommerce store can increase the value of your business in the global market as well as enhance the sales and revenue.

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