What are the unnoticed benefits of image stitching?

Posted by Zara Jones | June 7, 2018 | Image Stitching

Image stitching lets you combine multiple photos in different layers to form a single high-resolution image. It could be for background or for main image. Businesses seek image stitching services to get creative images that they can use for website, marketing campaigns or advertisements. Since it requires special expertise and latest technologies, businesses prefer to outsource image stitching. Panoramic images are used in real estate and photography businesses widely. It is done with image stitching tools. It is used to make the images more interesting and appealing. It is also used to make sure that the picture is captured to the maximum which will look extraordinary. Here are some unnoticed benefits of image stitching:

unnoticed benefits of image stitching:

Large Images

When the subject matter is too huge to be confined to a single image, more than one image is taken which are then stitched together to give a panoramic view. Panoramic image stitching is used for large prints since the image quality cannot be compromised. Multiple images are taken from different angles of the same object and then clubbed together to form a single effective unit. Even for websites, when the frame size increases, you need larger images. With larger frames, you need larger images. For larger images, image stitching is a good solution.

Stitching multiple images

When you need a creative rendering that require multiple images to be put together, you need image stitching. Thus, you can use two or three normal sized images to create a beautiful large image using image stitching. This technique is very popular in real estate photography editing wherein they want the images to be high-resolution and cannot take the image of the entire house or plot in one shot. Instead, they take high-resolution images of different parts of the plot or house and stitch them together to give a complete look of the house in one image. It makes a much bigger impact on the customer than showing them 3-4 images separately.

Make the most of your Lens

When your lens does not support a higher resolution image, you can split the whole object area and take separate images. Then you can join them together using image stitching. This lets you create high-resolution images without having to invest on larger lens and more expensive cameras. This offers the businesses a competitive edge for saving costs while also benefiting from equally high-resolution images as their competitors.

Cover the Overlapping

When you have a large frame to capture, the edges may not come good always. When you have too many objects in the frame, it becomes difficult to focus all of them at one glance. So multiple photos are taken and overlapped with the help of image editing services to render a single image which is sharper and more focused.

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Technologies are influencing businesses positively in many ways. When the business realizes its potential and decides to tap it, outsourcing offers the right opportunity to tap such rarely used technologies. Since large images and high-resolution images are a must for real estate, tourism, photography and eCommerce, businesses can tap the possibilities of image stitching for their cost-effective progress.

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