FotoValley utilizes advanced technologies and software knowledge as well as photo editing techniques are uniquely applied in our projects providing you the efficient outputs. Our services will help gain a better business market presence, reach or target audience attention.

We have one of the most economical photo editing rates and packages. Please refer the below editing packages:

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    Photo Editing Prices


    FotoValley delivers one of the most reasonable process in all its image editing packages that will significantly cut down your internal operational costs to a near half. You get the best outputs in the highest possible quality at these prices with uncompromised work quality. The editing process we implement are one of the leading in the industry and recognized by clients all over the world.

    Our Editing Packages are as follows:

    • Basic
    • Pro
    • Advanced
    • Extreme

    We have editing packages that follow global industry and universal standards able to choose perfectly deliver and cover all your demands. We aim to achieve long-term business relationships and most importantly the best level in client satisfaction.

    If you would require customized solutions from FotoValley we can tailor certain packages that can fit your budgets (variable to requirements and specifications). Do let us know about your requirements and specification in the contact us form.

    Confused about what Photo Editing Prices Suits You?

    FotoValley uses versatile and diverse range of technical and technological knowledge in its image editing services carried out by industry recognized expertise of experienced professionals. It covers different requirements according to the type of image editing service desired by a client based on the budget they are willing. Photographers, especially, with their know-how in post processing will know about the service charges and how much they are ready to pay for a particular service. A further see through regarding this can be understood if there are bulk amounts of pending post processing works that could affect your deadlines. We could assist you and suggest you the best packages that would suit the service you seek. There won’t be any additional or hidden costs other than the service charges. We use a wide range of tools, techniques and improvisations to get that perfect output you require.

    Do contact our contact us to know more about the packages and prices or custom ones that suit your requirements.

    The post processing experts at FotoValley will do standard photo culling to choose the most perfect and appealing shots from bulk amount of photos. The basic format of these files will be raw, out of which the best ones are selected. The color correction techniques done by us in order to obtain appealing tones for the images are as follows:

    • ♣ Shadows / Highlights reduction
    • ♣ Optimum Saturation
    • ♣ Contrast / Exposure / Light / Adjustment

    Moreover, following individual style is obligatorily. Notice that this rate, $0.20 , does not include body, backdrop or headshot retouching.
    FotoValley has four standard service packages that are suited to general image editing requirements.

    Basic Level

    A basic service package that corrects common issues in wedding or amateur photography. It constitutes mainly facial features improvement or light beauty editing and is not of professional post processing or artistic approach.

    • ♣ Acne/Blemishes/Permanent Scars Removal
    • ♣ Stray Hair Fixing
    • ♣ Teeth Fixing
    • ♣ Skin Smoothening
    • ♣ Red eye removal

    Outputs will always be in high quality along with adjustments done to the image’s color or light capture and essential cropping.

    Pro Level

    A professional level in post processing that pays attention to even the minutest details that demands individual approach. More emphasis on beauty-editing are focused such as skin smoothening, retouching figures, lighting, colors & tones adjustment, background enhancement etc. esp. used in headshots, portrait, newborn, and maternity photography.

    • ♣ Even or Perfect Skin Tone
    • ♣ Winkles/Other Imperfection Removal
    • ♣ Eyes/Lips Retouching
    • ♣ Braces Removal/Teeth Fixing
    • ♣ Stray Hair Removal
    • ♣ Background Enhancement
    • ♣ Clipping path
    • ♣ Unwanted object removal

    Advanced Level 

    A modern post processing approach suited esp. to magazine or fashion photography industry. The output quality will be much higher and also the price, compared to other packages. The methodology used in this type of post processing have an in-depth approach by the personnel. The rates are higher as it requires more time and attention of the editor to a whole lot of details in perspective. Every image will require considerable time each individual part of the image will be effectively retouched without missing even the tiniest bit.

    • ♣ Pro editing
    • ♣ High-end beauty correction
    • ♣ High end eye retouching
    • ♣ High end hair retouching
    • ♣ High end background retouching
    • ♣ Client specific editing
    • ♣ HDR Effects Supplement

    Since it requires in-depth knowledge and techniques, the rates can be $5 per image.

    Extreme Edit

    The editing skillset, techniques and technology used will be of the extreme level as it involves all the creative aspects of the image to stand out significantly. All flaws or defects will be eliminated from the image and there won’t be any trace left of it. Every aspect of pro level will be applied without doubt and below are the other techniques that compliments along with phot manipulations:

    • ♣ Eyewear Glare Masking
    • ♣ Blending (Merging Several Photos into One)
    • ♣ Removal/Addition of People from Images (Based on requirement)
    • ♣ Creative Colors/Tones Improvement or Correction (Accessories, Clothes, etc.)
    • ♣ Body Parts Swapping (Any Body Parts, funny innovations)
    • ♣ Clothes’ Wrinkle Elimination/Smoothening (Fashion Photography, Events, Wedding Photography, etc.)
    • ♣ Total Background Replacement (Creative approach thereby replacing the cliché or dull backdrops)
    • ♣HDR Effects (Vivid, Tender, and Saturated Photo Colors)
    • ♣ Jewelry Retouching and Editing (Jewelry worn by people in the Images are retouched or edited from the ground level for more standout)
    • ♣Photo Manipulation

    This is the most expensive editing level out there, and it goes for $10 and above per image. Every aspect or element in an image is exhaustively edited in order to obtain a flawless output. The outputs are always sure to excite and inspire spellbinding and fantasy effects.

    Per Hour and Per Image Rates

    Even though our per image pricing is low, you get international standards in file outputs at the highest quality. For any image editing service that you require we quote and hourly rate of starting at $7.

    Wedding Photo Editing Packages

    Wedding photo retouching requires the best images that should be carefully picked out from the hundreds of images. If you are confused about choosing the best images out of those, then add our culling service to your selected package at $0.05/image and we will select the best images to be processed.

    Why budget-friendly rates at the best quality?

    The prices are always budget-friendly and the service is never of low quality. The professionals at FotoValley are fully capable of delivering any kind of requirements or specifications that you want in your pictures. The output quality will always be the best possible and at quick turnaround times.

    Per Hour Rates

    Per hourly rate for basic photo editing is minimal at FotoValley. In case you have a complex photo editing task at hand, please contact us to know the exact pricing details.
    We offer significant discounts for large volumes of work. Please have a look at all photo editing services we offer, and contact our editing experts for detailed photo editing rates.

    We do not charge any contracts or any other hidden fees

    FotoValley Special

    Most of our services have individual offers, discounts and other perks for clients who are on a long-term business relationship with us, or projects with huge volume of image file or even customers who are repeating or returning clients. Associate with us and get the best image editing solutions and 100% satisfaction levels.

     We also provide image editing services to almost all business sectors such as:

    • ♣ Automotive
    • ♣ Fashion (Apparel, Jewelry, Headshots, Fashion Portfolios)
    • ♣ Real Estate
    • ♣ Wedding Photography
    • ♣ Newborn Photography
    • ♣ Maternity Photography
    • ♣ Food Photography
    • ♣ Miniature Photography

    For voluminous image editing tasks, you can hire our personnel at a man month rates for project exclusivity. We also help in cutting down your operational costs to almost a near half or above it for bulk image editing works.
    Please contact us our support team to know more about our services, photo retouching rates per image, customizable solutions or any query that you would like to have cleared.

    Pricing Disclaimer

    Prices are only REPRESENTATIVE. Depending on the project nature, complexity, type and volume prices are subject to change along with contract agreement terms and other factors.

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