13 Inspirational Photoshoot Ideas for Your Next Editorial Shoot

Posted by Fotovalley | April 23, 2020 | Photography

It’s quite exhausting to have yourself caught in a loop with the same editorial photoshoot ideas or concepts, especially in fashion photography or in professional photo editing. The challenge to bring out thrilling new concepts is not breezy with your audience, and the even mega task of getting it published with exception fashion photography retouching skills.

Running out dry with ideas in this domain is a gradual process even with the most acclaimed photographers or editors. And it is no different with post-production processes such as image editing services as well. The colossal references and research carried out are probably going to add new dimensions to both these domains.

editorial photoshoot

Well, it’s no surprise that inspiration lies even in the minutest of things or mundane every-day experiences that produce unique concepts/ideas that will give you a breather in fashion photography and photo editing services for photographers. So, lets’ have a look at them tradition breakers, aye?

Picture Within a Picture

This is a simple session or editorial photoshoot concept that requires a two-day schedule. The idea is to incorporate a photograph of a previous day shoot within the same shoot done on the next day. All it takes is a first-day shoot, print it any size you require, and reshoot the same (if possible, add a slight variation), so all the frames are incorporated into one single image. This type of shoot surely adds tons of context and narrative and is always worth giving a shot.

Add Some Boudoir Elements in Product Photoshoots

Yes, the attire is a factor in every shoot, but why not try it with your model without them? Add some creative boudoir elements that can be potential to your product photoshoot, by giving a bit of the upper edge to the products in the photographs. Go, spin the wild wheel, and it will crank up the appeal of your pictures.

Vintage/Retro Elements, Re-enacting Popular Figures, Theme-based

Recreate or stage your vintage family photographs that inspire all the colors, elements, textures, and tones of the past. You could turn it into a tribute kind of shoot that will be an absolute blast!
Another one would be to consider re-enacting your model with the photographs of popular figures from the bygone era. The famous figures could be authors, revolutionists, leaders, artists, etc., that goes with your liking.
Theme-based photoshoots are something of a speciality with photographers. And you could make your routine based on themes such as glamorous (like vintage cowgirls), office, aspirational, gothic, travel, futurism, famous book characters (Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew), etc.; the list is virtually endless.
In all its glory, make sure the post-production is excellent, or you could seek the help of expert photo editing services for photographers for breaking the internet!

Climatic Events or Social/Political Issues

Somewhat similar to themes, but has an entirely different cut and construct to it. If you take climatic events as a concept, you can incorporate the elements that are hampering or polluting the planet. Use these as props or even as costumes that add something of versatility in spreading the much-needed awareness.
Social/Political issues fall in line with the same and are all bound to create an impact among people, and yes, in spreading awareness. And this is a rare concept that rarely inspires fashion editorials, but why not go for it?
Both these concepts are highly compelling, a bit weird, visually engaging, meaningful, and something to be deeply thought about the world we live in. Experiment with different fashion photography retouching techniques (consult an expert otherwise), and decide which will lock your spectators’ eyes onto your photographs.

Break the Stereotypes

Let’s start with a sequential concept that involves photographs in sequences. Throw in close-up shots or shots that are wide and far. Combine them all into one single grid either in sequence or in a random pattern that narrates a story with your model. This creative technique brings out a lot of color variations, texture, and patterns.
A paint play concept where you splash or stoke your photographs with paint could be a different experiment. You can either do it digitally using editing software or physically, using transparent sheets.

editorial photoshoot ideas

These days fashion photography is not always about sparkling glamour. Let your models be themselves, bound by no rules, perfectly imperfect, embracing their human side. A shoot without makeup or hairdos, or even intentionally unappealing, torn or tattered clothes is encouraging and refreshing.
With some professional photo editing skills, you will be sure to succeed no matter what with this concept.

Challenge the Perspective

Challenging the perspective is a unique approach where you might end up with breath-taking photographs. The simplest method to achieve this is to change your shooting angle. or using magnifying glasses, stacking textured glass, or colored lens filters. What this does is, it adds enhanced depth and dimension to your photographs, offering a warped reality and perspective to your model.
Another trick is to position yourself over a high vantage and shoot your model from there with a motion blur effect. Your model should be either among a crowded street (an overcast day would be a bonus), that act as the staging area, or your studio. Style your model with bright bold colors that are ideal (yellow, hot pink, orange, etc.). The poetic results obtained from this shoot are magnificent.
Also, try placing random photogenic objects on top of your photo prints, and tada! There it is your instant art! Try scaling your creative aspects by experimenting with different or weird objects, unconventional textures, fluids, etc. that makes the photograph one-of-a-kind.

Sleep Photoshoot

This is a different and simple concept, yes, to try shooting a sleep scenario of your model! For the costumes, make your model wear some minimal and appealing pajamas, and let them take up different sleeping positions like in random natural sleep. And confidently, this concept can be said is one of the most effortless and packs an elegance at the same time and makes your model happy as well!

Take Advantage of the Natural Light Geometry

We can’t kid about the fact that the lighting part in photography is one tough curve to master. Being fully aware of your surrounding lighting requires a keen eye, especially natural light. If you use it skilfully, and it doesn’t mean that you have to get it right the very first time or taking days. Try to catch the perfect natural light and the patterns It produces for an exceptional light geometry within your photographs.
Many image editing services digitally use this technique to add extra glory to different types of photos.

The Splendid Hair Shoot

A photoshoot dedicated entirely to your model’s hair is nothing short of brilliant. It marks a change and is all about the mane. If you observe, you can twin your model’s hairdo with different objects, or objects that you could find from your natural surroundings.

Play with Plants

Look around, can you find some almost giant or big beautiful plants? Go to it right away with your model. Let your creative brain function well with this shoot. Analyze the elements of the plants and work your way through with the model’s pose. Pay no attention to their perfect poses, go fo the natural imperfect or flawed ones!

Water Reflections

If you find a good light after heavy rain has just subsided outside, waste no time and go find some puddles collected with water. With the right shooting angle, the water will act as a natural mirror against the dark pavement, or could even create a natural double exposure effect. Let yourself low on the ground with the illusion of distance aiding your camera view, you will get stunning visual dramas which seem like double-sided reflections. Adding a pinch of good professional photo editing skills are much more effective.

Illustrate Your Photography

How about taking a different curve where you can transform your photographs into sketches? It’s all about delivering your creativity through this concept within your photos. Photos of your model taken with a zoom lens from really far would be the best to achieve this effect because it will definitely “flatten” your photograph. And yes, put in the best of your professional photo editing techniques as this is no easy task.

Collage! Collage! Collage!

Remember the old collages or scrapbook stuff we used to do in the past by cutting pics with scissors and layer photographs on top of each other using different cut-out shapes. Well, time to do that digitally with your Photoshop skills. Although compared to the original physical effort, the digital one will always lack that three-dimensional aspect, but still, it is worth your every digital effort. The digital collage concept is absolutely a stunning one if you pull it off with the best of your layering and retroelement combinations. So, just go wild with this concept, make it a worthwhile fashion editorial!

Now that we have all your attention with our tips, make sure you try out these editorial photoshoot ideas. And if possible, research big and try to come up with new ideas and concepts as well, to blow yourself away!

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