How to Enhance Your Images in Simple Ways?

Posted by Fotovalley | August 17, 2017 | Image Enhancement

It is perfectly said that an image speaks and conveys thousands of messages and it is considered to be a powerful tool of communication in today’s business sectors. Though the image might be an old one but with the perfect designing, it can gain a prominence among the target audience. A stunning image can grab the attention of the customers with an ease.

In a recent study carried out by HubSpot, it is revealed that visual content is a powerful communication tool and the content with appropriate images gain 94% more views than the content displayed without the images. The study also proved that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on various social media platforms.

How to Enhance Your photos in Simple Ways?Whether you are dealing with your own photography or with the images based on other sources, makes sure to utilize the latest tools and techniques, in order to add an extra spark to the images.

Take a look at the various ways to enhance your photos with the help of simple techniques.

  • Cropping – One of the best ways to transform a photo is with the help of cropping. The process of cropping will help to remove the unwanted areas and will improve the composition. When you are cropping a large image, you need to be careful as it will reduce the image quality and resolution. The concept of ‘rule of third’ needs to be followed while following cropping process. This technique imagines that the image is segmented into three parts – vertical, horizontal, and with four lines.
  • Blurring – There are times when you feel like highlighting images as featured in your design. Photos can generate interesting backgrounds with the help of various eye-catchy designs. But, most of the times, the background design carries some sort of text on top, thus, creating a problem. In such cases, try to apply some blur to order to create a smooth background. When you apply light or moderate blur, you can maintain the recognizable shapes in your background scene. A blurring effect can soften the shapes.
  • Contrast – Maximizing the contrast is an excellent way to add an extra drama to your image. Increasing the contrast can produce lighter lights, and a wide range of tones, thus, making your image look far better than the original one. Whereas, reducing the contrast can give a flat and even tone. But too much of contrast won’t be good enough to bring out the best image.
  • Saturation – The photographers and designers will adjust the saturation of an image to boost up its colors. Saturation is linked with the color intensity. An increase in saturation will represent brighter images (closer to their purest form), whereas a decrease in saturation, will result in faded images (close to gray). A complete desaturation will lead to the creation of black and white photo. Too much saturation can make an image look strange and unnatural.
  • Filter – Today, with the advent of latest apps such as Instagram, filters have become widely popular. They can be used to add the artistic effect to your images. But most of the images, need not require the application of the filter.
  • Brightness – One of the challenges faced by the photographers is to gain a perfect lighting. Though you may decide to take an image with the correct exposure, it might end up as a dark one. Later on, you will have to work on improving the brightness by manipulating the brightness setting. The setting of brightness will make everything brighter, thus, you have to carry it out carefully.
  • Layering – At times, you would want an image to be less noticeable. Apart from the concept of blurring, there are other ways to maintain the clarity of an image. Screens are one of the common approaches. When you adjust the opacity of the screen, it will determine the final quality of the image. An opaque screen offers a smooth surface for your text. A medium level of transparency will suit the purpose of your design.
  • Frame – Framing the images in design is used to draw the attention towards the image. Frames can generally be simple, illustrated design, or color, depending on the style and mood of your project.

No matter on what kind of image project you are working upon, a stunning imagery will be a key to a successful design. Adopt the above-mentioned image enhancing techniques, and you will be able to attract more clients with the mind-blowing images.

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