How Outsourcing Image Editing Services Enhances Your Amazon Business?

Posted by Zara Jones | April 28, 2023 | Outsourcing Image Editing Services


In the era of eCommerce, a factor that matters the most in marketing a product is its displayed images. An eye-catching image of a product with high quality and sharpness will automatically win customers. A picture speaks more than a thousand words, is a true proverb. As it is known that humans process visual information more quickly than a detailed description. While shopping online one has to completely depend on their eyes to know the product whereas, in a brick-and-mortar shop, one can get complete sensory impressions. The images displayed on online platforms like Amazon have two main functions, and that is to boost sales and accelerate page rankings. Therefore, product images play a vital role. Most entrepreneurs rely on outsourcing image editing services to improve their business on Amazon. The increased demand for commercial photo editing and retouching is a result of this significance.

Amazon Product Photo Enhancement Services


A lot of processes are involved in editing and enhancing a product image on Amazon. The most inevitable among them are color correction, size adjustments and background enhancement of the pictures. Also, it is important to remove elements such as noises, dots, dust, and scratches. Amazon suggests black and white backgrounds for the product image. Outsourcing these processes to experts will result in the professional enhancement of the image according to the requirements. As a result, the images are made more appealing to the customers.

Amazon Product Photo Retouching


A nifty way to enhance a product image is by retouching it. Even the photographs taken by a professional will be having certain errors. Retouching the image will help to rectify those errors. The process is a tedious and time-consuming one, only the experts in the field can bring out the most effective outcome. They remove the defects and enhance the image to get fit into the guidelines of Amazon as they have enough experience in doing the same.
A quality product image captures attention and gives a great impression, thereby attracting customers to purchase by delivering them a better shopping experience. By outsourcing Amazon product image editing services, entrepreneurs gain multiple benefits. So let’s look into it in detail.

Benefits of Outsourcing Image Editing Services


Acquire expert images editing professionals

As online businesses completely rely on the images of a product, high-quality and professional images are essential. The generation of an excellent image requires plenty of time, which may be lacking for entrepreneurs and their in-house resources as they are busy with other crucial tasks. While outsourcing, experienced professionals edit images with defined parameters and deliver on time. Their vast experience in the field and use of advanced technologies will result in producing high-quality images to attract more customers.

Customised image editing depending on each platform

The advertisements in print media are entirely different from the advertisements in digital media. Even the advertisements published on different digital platforms are different nowadays. The in-house resources or entrepreneurs may be oblivious to this, thanks to their inexperience in the field. Therefore with the assistance of an expert, one can develop a customised image editing solution that suits all the platforms where you need to advertise.

Images that fit to the guidelines of Amazon

Posting product images that follows the specification of Amazon is crucial. The guidelines may change based on certain factors including category and purpose. Failing to keep up with the technicalities will result in reduced image quality, product details or even losing the account in certain cases. The specifications may include the size of the image, file size, shape, file format, background color, color mode, and frame.

When it comes to size the image dimensions should be 1000 pixels wide or tall and 1600 pixels on the longest side. Also, the longest side should be within 10000 pixels. The shape must be square or rectangular. The maximum file size of the image is 10 MB. Amazon does not compress the size of the file, therefore, it is important to watch the file size. At least 85% of the image should fit into the frame. The image borders should also be within the frame. The permitted file formats are JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and GIF. However, the suggested file format by Amazon is JPEG as it has a comparatively small image size for quality. The background color should be white. The color mode should be sRGB or CMYK.

All these details are effectively included in the product image by outsourcing the image editing to a professional image editing service provider. The in-house teams or business administrators do not have to be concerned about those factors.

Developing credibility and responsibility

Outsourced photo editing services help in building the brand reputation and responsibility. It is important to show the actual and genuine image of the product as the customers are buying it based on the image displayed. The product images should not be edited or modified excessively in a way that they may seem different from the real ones. But you cannot upload raw and unedited images as it will not please the audience. Therefore, it is crucial to stay balanced between these two factors to keep the credibility and responsibility of the brand. With an outsourcing partner, the images are edited in a professional way that will not manipulate the customers. Thereby brands can establish a strong worth among the customers.

Save money on expensive softwares and tools

Businesses have to purchase expensive software and tools if they decide to execute the editing process in-house. Each software may cost thousands of dollars. Outsourcing this service helps businesses save a large amount of money and spent it on the development of the firm. Also, the outsourcing service providers will have the latest tools and technologies that are able to provide images that are best in vogue.

Obtain quality images in bulk and on-time

As outsourcing companies deal with multiple projects simultaneously, they will have effective and progressive ways to streamline the processes efficiently. Therefore it will not be a matter of concern if a business has to assign bulk amounts of product images to edit. They can dispatch it on or before the deadline that too with high quality.

Wrapping Up

Seeking an efficient and experienced outsourcing partner for your product image editing services? Well, you are on the right track. We at FotoValley deliver high-quality images employing top notch tools and software with highly experienced and skilled professionals. Connect with us at [email protected] and enjoy the best service.

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