Why Does Optimizing the Product Photo Increase the Success of E-Commerce?

Posted by Zara Jones | August 31, 2017 | Image Enhancement

A unique content and a powerful image are the two rulers, that control an e-commerce website. Where words fail to express the features of a product, a strong and attractive image can increase the traffic of your website. But in case, if you do not own a perfect in-house image editing team, it is always advisable to outsource the service, as it will be highly beneficial in terms of marketing and promotion.

But, most of the firms today, struggle with the question of “Why should a product image be optimized?” or “How can it increase the success of your e-commerce?” Some consider the importance of the images to be irrelevant and focus more on other aspects of a website. In short, this negligence would be considered as a ‘Wrong-Doing’ or rather an injustice to your website and business.

So, let’s answer this question – Why do an exquisite product photography enhance your e-commerce business?

Reflection of what the customers will buy

Customers expect to receive a product which they see on an e-commerce website. If they won’t get a perfect idea about the product from the image or product description, they will prefer to purchase from some other website. No potential customer will invest to buy a product if they are unsure of meeting its needs. To satisfy the customers, you should ensure to put up a perfect photo of the product captured from all the angles, to grab the confidence of the buyers in the product.

Bring out the product image in a simple and direct way and it should avoid all sort of distractions. For this, approaching a perfect image editing service provider will cater to your needs. You can display your product on a white background with the presence of colorful text. Place the product image in such a way that it will be beneficial in clearing the doubt of the customer regarding its external features. For certain products, one image can convey the qualities and uses whereas, for other products, you may require more than an image to define its properties. Make sure that the consumers can perceive the major elements of the product to understand their value. A high-resolution image can help you to zoom-in the photo, thus, eliminating the issue of constant queries.

Good amount of pay for brand image

A brand image is highly essential for the marketing and promotional purposes. For example, if an image displayed on your e-commerce website is awful, then the price of those products will be low cost, thus, creating a negative impact on the customers. It’s all about the framework. It’s always advisable to go for the background removal service for your product image and replace it with a clean white studio backdrop, thus, pulling in a large number of customers.

An unbalanced background, distracting shadows, or such related issues can be sorted out in the post-production phase. Make sure that the work of lighting is perfect from the beginning, so as to minimize the amount of editing in the post-production stage.

With the help of three mini strobe units and some great stands, you can accomplish an extraordinary output. Place the two strobes marginally to any one side of your product shooting range and point it towards the roof (not the item). The outcome will reflect the hard surfaces of the room and will create a uniquely diffused light. You only need to ensure that the roof is white in color. Use the third glimmer to uniformly illuminate the background.

Customers Have Knowledge About The Visuals

Today, the customers have become more conscious about the images and have possessed sufficient knowledge about the visuals. Most of the firms today utilize various image based apps such as Instagram of Flickr to promote their products. You should ensure that the product photos are composed of high-quality and should possess a professional touch. The image size and the resolution of the image are two highlighted factors which should be taken care of. You should capture all the images in the RAW format and avoid using JPEGs. JPEG can cause havoc in areas such as exposure or tonality.

Product Photo Enhancement


Cost Effective

Most of the businessmen believe in a general statement – The more you invest in your e-commerce project, the more profit you will achieve in the long run. There are certain affordable ways which will help you with the optimization of the product photos. If you are not financially independent enough to handle the software such as Adobe’s premium photo editing tools, there are a plenty of other alternatives available in the market. But, Photoshop would be the best to optimize your product images. The major cost-effective way would be to replace the background of the image with a balanced and clarity oriented white background. If you are well-versed in Photoshop, this process won’t take much time and it won’t empty your pockets.

Be like Competitors

Your competitors might be one step ahead of you. So find out their strategical approach and try to adopt and implement them in your business. Make sure to work on a high pixel count and it should be presented in the RAW format.

It is always beneficial to optimize the photos of your product, before putting them up on your e-commerce website. Outsourcing such needs to an offshore image editing service provider will help you ease this process at an affordable rate.

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