The Shots You Must Have in Your Wedding Photography Checklist

Posted by Fotovalley | April 2, 2020 | Photography

Wedding photography is a crucial part of any wedding. It is stressful for photographers as they need to capture every moment and detail of the wedding. Those pictures are proof of that big day in a person’s life. Apart from making use of image editing services for delivering the best output, the photographer needs to have a checklist that covers almost everything in a wedding shoot. It is very important to consult the wedding couple as what are their plans and accordingly one can change or create a wedding photo checklist comprising of all the major shots required on the big day.

wedding photography checklist

An online portfolio needs to be created to attract potential wedding clients. This portfolio can be created with wedding photography editing and the customers have proper details of the wedding photography list. The pre wedding photography checklist involves meeting the couple to know about their personalities and getting wedding specific details. What tradition do the couple follow and how crucial it is for them to be captured? what are the ceremonies they would like to highlight? Such information will make the photographer sorted for the next step of the wedding photography checklist.

Scheduling is very important in a wedding as one wants to avoid a long wedding photo list at the end of the day. A day schedule should be planned a week in advance so that things are covered in a sorted manner.

Sorting the gear is important so a couple of weeks before the wedding one should check if any specialized equipment is required so a wedding equipment checklist needs to be repaired before the main day.

This wedding photography shot list is comprehensive. One can get creative and take unusual photos as per their imagination and also make the most of photo editing services to enhance the photographs.

The Pre-wedding preparation can be captured in some detail shots as below:

  1. The wedding dresses
  2. The wedding shoes
  3. Bride with her makeup preparations
  4. Some candid shots of the bride and her friends
  5. The groom’s dress and shoes
  6. Rings
  7. Jewelry
  8. Flower arrangements
  9. Wedding invitations
  10. Dance programs
  11. Wedding ceremony
  12. Shots of the venue before the ceremony starts
  13. Bride and groom entering
  14. Family members entering the venue
  15. Groom and bride wide-angle shot capturing all the details

Finally comes the portrait part of the essential wedding photo checklist. The timing can be decided to finish this before or after the wedding which depends on the scheduling. This makes the whole work a bit hectic as the photographer needs to capture maximum portraits of the guests too. Lastly, the moments to be captured in the wedding reception:

  1. Couple’s entry
  2. Couple’s dance
  3. The wedding cake
  4. Couple cutting the cake
  5. Speeches and Toasts
  6. Candid guest shots

Once done, the photos should be backed up and then photos captured during the event can be edited and enhanced. A portfolio can be created for the client post the editing and professional portrait retouching involving contouring for better results. This entire process involves time and care so seeking professional help from image editing service provider maintain the highest level of delivery.

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