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FotoValley, one of the best video editing services provider stays in the industry frontlines for its par excellence and economical service models. We are capable of giving your raw or preliminary edited videos a stellar, engaging, and goal-oriented overhaul. We’re pretty slick with progressive software and technologies of this era that enriches your videos and gets your target audience intrigued for more.

FotoValley’s Specialized Video Editing Services:

We’re adept at editing videos of varying requirements, with an in-depth awareness of each video category. This makes FotoValley deliver the best of its video editing proficiency that makes every individual video unique in its league. Check out our major competence in video editing works, below:

  • Movie/Film Editing Services
  • Whiteboard Animation Services
  • 3D Product Animation Services
  • Animated Video Production
  • Animated Videos for Business
  • Explainer Video Production
  • Real Estate Video Editing
  • Video Brochure
  • Corporate Videos
  • Home Video Editing
  • Wedding Video Editing
  • GoPro Video Editing Services
  • YouTube Videos
  • Real Estate Drone Video Editing
  • Explainer Video Creation
  • 360 Video Editing Services
  • Sports Video Editing Services
  • Online Video Editing
  • Family Video Editing
  • Holiday Video Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Cropping
  • Video Trimming
  • Client Testimonial Videos
  • Corporate Presentations for Online Use
  • Documentaries
  • Educational Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Short Films
  • Training Videos
  • TV Commercials

We also provide personalized video editing services that cater to the unique requirements of global clientele, even video tour creation services!

Mainstream Video Editing Services Techniques offered at FotoValley

FotoValley’s video editing process is exceptionally streamlined, where we cull unwanted footage, merge the right shots that define meaning, and refines the final video output, and jazz it up by syncing it with apt background music and stunning effects.


Removal of undesired video content | Conversion of formats | Sequence merging and reorganizing, etc.

Our basic video editing service neatly trims and sequences your raw videos. This services model is budget-priced, which is perfect for entrepreneurs, or professionals on a tight budget.
We’re all ears to our clients’ diverse video footage editing needs, where, by doing so we grasp an in-depth understanding of the entire project and their desired output. The undesired video segments are removed to make your final video snappy and fitting, reordering video clips to enhance its crowd appeal, and by appropriately sequencing clips that accomplish objectives, incorporating global standards, and converting it into formats for ideal size and streaming compatibility, etc.


Sound effects | Sub-titling or adding text | Voice-over | Noise reduction | Animation | Online video editing | 2D/3D effects, etc.

We’ll make sure your videos pack that extra punch in with a signature of its own, that resonate with your intended audience. And trust us when we say this, this is simply the best service you want.
And for the elegance of your video, we smartly integrate it with- spot-on effects and enrichments features such as –

  • sub-titling for an extensive and impactful crowd reach
  • distinct and sensational audio cues
  • voice-overs that break language barriers
  • specific and standard noise reduction techniques for pure videos
  • online/real-time animation videos (2D/3D) that are smart, interactive, and stunning


VHS tape recovery Video up-scaling Color Enhancement Distortion removal, etc.

Are you desperate in getting your legacy VHS format video content into good shape? Well, fret not, our recovery and enhancement services got your back!
FotoValley possesses advanced software and data recovery techniques that are ideal in getting your treasured VHS or any other legacy device back to life. And to further spice it up, our video enhancement service, guarantees your need, with substantially more clarity and impact. We even deal with the colors, contrast, and audio recovery factors to additionally improve and digitize your videos.

How Good are We with Technologies?

FotoValley, being one of the on-the-map domain expert video editing company, leverages advanced video editing software and technologies. Our video editing professionals with their tremendously combined experience, influential, and quirky techniques will transform any of your raw or lackluster footage into prodigious art!

Our Software Proficiency:

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Avid
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Edius Pro etc.

We have enhanced our video editing services delivery times, that seriously and professionally caters to your requirements of any kind, on-time. Although this is subjected to shifts, and carefully relied upon the unique requirements of individual projects, its quality standards, and the provided raw footage’s duration.

How do We Do It?

  • Receiving of raw data, digital files, or VHS/other legacy storage tapes, etc. from clients, through secure channels
  • Proficient video editors will work on your raw footage using advanced software and technologies, based on your exact, and specified requirements.
  • Client review of the first draft will be followed by edits (if any), and the final design is sent for approval.
  • Final dispatch transferred to clients via secure FTPs or other channels.


FotoValley, the professional video editing company offers stellar video editing services out here in the industry making us one of the best providers of video editing in India, at remarkable quality benchmarks at the least turnaround times, and competitive prices. We are a marked expert among clients since we provide –

  • Economically priced video editing services at uncompromised quality
  • In-depth experience and industry expertise that always caters to client needs
  • Integrated artistic and creative specifics to every project
  • Delivery of projects within the stipulated time frame
  • State-of-the-art technology and infrastructure
  • Highest degree of security and confidentiality implementation
  • Flexible, scalable, and personalized service models

So choose to outsource video editing services from FotoValley today, and experience an essence in your videos.

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