Posted by Fotovalley | 28 August 2020

Capturing fast-moving subjects/actions is always associated with sports photography, and is no less a challenge but a major one. When compared to commercial photography it certainly does come in a...

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Posted by Fotovalley | 12 August 2020

Aerial Photography holds similarities with regular photography. But taking images from above there is different. The use of drones is not an easy task as all of us think of...

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Posted by Fotovalley | 30 July 2020

Simply put, documentary photography is all about absorbing the true to life essence and conscience of the subject. It puts the spotlight on a cause or greater social issues within...

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Posted by Fotovalley | 24 July 2020

Kicking-off your stock photography business and establishing your signature in the industry is a process in itself. The industry is getting bigger, and better, with limitless innovation over time. So...

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Black and White Portrait Photography
Posted by Fotovalley | 16 July 2020

The beauty of black and white portrait photography lies in its ability to emphasize all the emotions with ordinary photography – which is all about color spectrum burst in this...

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fairy tale photography
Posted by Nikki | 08 July 2020

The incorporation of an ethereal effect achieved through fairy tale photography has a phenomenal impact on your target audience. This is an outcome of a photographer’s spontaneous and adaptable feats...

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Advertising Photography
Posted by Nikki | 30 June 2020

The opportunity to get highly creative goes hand in hand with advertising photography. It’s quite straight forward when combined with your commercial photography retouching skills. Throwing in some modern and...

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Dance Photography
Posted by Nikki | 24 June 2020

Mastering the art of dance photography to produce exquisite dance portraits is a bit challenging. Creating enchanting photos even from the simplest movements requires a major skill. Add up with...

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Product Photography
Posted by Nikki | 10 June 2020

Product photography should capture your audience’s attention and without stunning product photos, there’s no way to it. Yes, the post-processing or product retouching is also vital in hitting that sweet...

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Posted by Nikki | 03 June 2020

Yeah, it’s a bit of a strain to have come up with ideas for a creative studio photoshoot and good fashion photography retouching skills, without which you can’t craft an...

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