Fine Art Photography
Posted by Zara Jones | 16 February 2021

The domain of fine art photography varies very much as an art form as it is subjective and is perceived by everyone in very different ways. The professional portrait retouching...

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Property Photography Guide
Posted by Zara Jones | 05 February 2021

The prime reason for selling homes faster is through a high-quality property photography portfolio. While other factors contribute to it, this is one of the fundamental aspects that hits the...

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Weather Photography Tips
Posted by Zara Jones | 08 January 2021

The weather photography genre is quite a handful and at the same worthwhile every effort. Being pretty slick, and knowledgeable in capturing all types of weather phenomena is important along...

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flat lay photography tips
Posted by Zara Jones | 22 December 2020

The thing with flat lay photography is that it has a multifaceted approach in nailing the art. Apart from elaborate preps, its real beauty lies in sprinkling creativity in a...

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Forced Perspective Photography Skills
Posted by Fotovalley | 04 December 2020

Forced perspective photography always incorporates the optical illusion aspect. This can be seen through photographs of people on a beach trying to catch the sun in their palms, or the...

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Posted by Fotovalley | 19 November 2020

As property sales are in full swing, commercial real estate photography, too, has a great demand. Without the best photos of any property, no agent can be successful with deals,...

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Posted by Fotovalley | 31 October 2020

The jetting tots are always a delight and require your preschool photography skills to be on the top-side. This shoot genre is mainly done for marketing purposes for the educational...

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Posted by Fotovalley | 15 October 2020

In its entirety, jewelry photography can get scary especially if you’re starting. Capturing these tiny shinies and its vast intricacies can sweat you and the client. And the post-production process...

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Posted by Fotovalley | 29 September 2020

There is no doubt that commercial photography is a truly rewarding experience. It also requires highly impressive elements of professional photo retouching or product photo editing skills. And if you want to be professional your...

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Posted by Fotovalley | 28 August 2020

Capturing fast-moving subjects/actions is always associated with sports photography, and is no less a challenge but a major one. When compared to commercial photography it certainly does come in a...

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