5 Ways to Make Your Jewelry Photos More Appealing to Customers

Posted by Zara Jones | April 26, 2018 | Image Retouching Services

The concept of photo editing has become a common trend in every business sectors, especially in the eCommerce industry. Image editing along with image retouching services is a process which is widely demanded by the business firms to bring in a large audience.

ways to make your jewelry images highly appealing

Jewelry photo retouching service has become the commonly sought solution in the industry of ecommerce. When it comes to jewelry, what matters most is the minute details. It is truly said that images convey a lot of meaningful messages when it comes to the products that are put up for sale on various ecommerce websites.

Who is in the most need of the jewelry retouching service?

The jewelry retouching service is widely demanded by the ecommerce retailers, jewelry designers, jewelry photographers, jewelry magazines, brick-and-mortar shops, and jewelry brochure publishers.

Jewelry retouching is an absolutely time-consuming and a challenging task. The images of the jewelry require perfect editing and retouching solutions, so as to create an appealing effect on the viewers.

No matter how well-advanced camera you use during the photoshoot of the jewelry, at times, the result might not come out as expected. It might require certain editing procedures to generate a high quality enriched image.

It is of paramount importance that an image should be represented well so that the customers can understand the minute details.

Here, we are giving you a peek into the 5 ways to make your jewelry images highly appealing.

1. Background of the image

One of the best ways to make the jewelry image highly appealing is to have a clear and a precise background. Light background colors such as white or grey will give a refreshing outlook and will help to avoid the possible distractions which might be available on a patterned back drop. The background removal service is also known as silhouetting, which is highly beneficial to offer a unique outlook to the image.

2. Removal of blemishes and spots

Jewelry items that have bright colors and possess no drawbacks are sold quickly. A professional jewelry retouching service is highly effective when compared to the amateur editing process. The absence of the blemishes or unnecessary spots can be achieved with the contemporary editing techniques and is beneficial to attract the targeted audience. It is of utmost importance to eliminate the visible spots because the customer expects the jewelry image to represent the finest look.

3. Addition of shine element

Shine is an important element which needs to be considered while editing a jewelry image. People trust the images portrayed on the various eCommerce websites based on the kind and quality of image retouching services used. An additional shine in the jewelry image will make the product look eye-catchy and will ensure to catch the attention of the women in a matter of seconds.

4. Natural Shadows

Shadows are considered to be an important element while manipulating or retouching the jewelry images. The experienced photo retouching professionals ensure to make the shadows in an image look natural. The realistic shadows will highlight the specific and unique features and elements of the jewelry image and will also ensure to grab the attention of the customers.

5. Photo color correction

To make the jewelry image look fresh and attractive, it is of a high importance to adjust the tones and light. Playing brilliantly with the colors, brightness, contrast, and tones of the images can give an admirable and extraordinary look to the image. The jewelry retouching techniques and the photo color correction varies depending upon the type of gems used in the jewelry. Color correction is widely used to highlight the most natural and special trait of the jewelry, so as to make the customer feel the worth of buying the product.

Jewelry images must undergo the professional Jewelry retouching and editing services to enhance the appeal to the viewers. It helps to optimize the details of the diamond or other gems, eliminates the uneven or odd color blends from the images, and detects and eliminates other flaws such as spots, blemishes, and poor contrast.FotoValley offers the best jewelry image retouching solutions which will increase the traffic to your ecommerce website and will create a unique appeal for your audiences.

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