11 Things to Consider Before Publishing Your Product Image

Posted by Zara Jones | July 19, 2018 | Image Editing

Ecommerce firms must focus on their product image quality carefully. Since they plan to sell their products online, their product image is the first catch. It should be attractive, clear and offer various angles of the product so that the customer will be confident to purchase the product without having to look at it personally. For all businesses, it is important to showcase high-quality product images. Image editing is a meticulous process that requires the right software tools and experts who knows image editing. Most of the businesses prefer to outsource image editing services to competent and accomplished outsourcing partner because they offer quality images at low costs and ensure delivery on time.

Here are 11 tips to consider before publishing your product image on websites and social media networks to create an excellent impression:

product image tips

Mind the Light

Did you know that even a minute change in the lighting can make the image look surreal? While photography enthusiasts toy with lighting to achieve different visuals of the same scenery or thing, for product images you cannot take that risk! Proper lighting that gives the right visuals of the image is a must.

Take pictures from different angles

Since the images are the only way the customer will be able to see the product, you must include an image from every possible angle. This will increase the chances of conversion since the potential customer will get a better picture of the product.

High resolution images

On the web, you need high-resolution images. The customer may choose to get a closer view of the product before he/she decides to purchase it. A high-resolution image showcasing all the nuances will be essential. Get help from an accomplished product retouching services provider for high-resolution images.

More images bring more traffic

Make sure you include different images of the same product. More images help the customer get different perspectives. Take help from outsourcing photo colorization service to make the images look more interesting.

Showcase the real use

Instead of suggesting that a product could be used for multiple purposes, an explainer video or image with its actual use will offer a better idea to the customer.

Prefer white or black background as required

Plain background is a must to highlight the product without any distractions. For light-colored products, black is chosen as the best background and for dark-colored products, white should be the background.

Showcase the scale

It may be difficult to imagine the size of the product, even if the dimensions are given. The best way to showcase the product is to show the scale. You can give a larger picture with the scale to give the customer the exact scale of the product, visually.

Check the contrast and context

Image contrast is an important aspect to work on before it is showcased on the web or printed. Context is important too because it will influence the potential customers emotionally. So, make sure you set the right context and contrast for your image with professional photoshop services.

Crop diligently

While image editing plays an important role in ecommerce product catalogues, cropping images should be done diligently. You must not lose any detailing of the product when the image is cropped. The image quality also should not be affected.

Mind the typography

The typography plays an important part in influencing customers. So, make sure you include an attractive and legible typography in your image.


If your product follows a hierarchy, don’t forget to add that as an essential feature of the product in the image itself.

 Get help from professional image enhancement service providers to improve your image quality.

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